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In the mission Marked Man, what happens if you do try to cross the lift bridge? Is it a shoot out or automatic failure?

Both, pretty much. I actually did that the first time I tried the mission, there's loads of guys with machine guns on the bridge who immediately open fire and can easily destroy your car within about 3 seconds - the only way to cross the bridge safely is with a Rhino. - Hardrock182 17:36, 10 May 2009 (UTC)

Even a fast car would get smoked?

Yes. A fast car can't pass up more than two people shooting M4s. I crossed the bridge in a normal car, but it required sniping the CIA agents from a distance before crossing. P.S. Don't get to close to agents, because once while I was doing it this way Machowski ran towards the agents and got shot up. User:TommygunAl