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Forum:Addiction level removed from 360 versions?

Forums GTA Addiction level removed from 360 versions?

Whenever I start a new game on The Lost and the Damned campaign, or on the original storyline, no matter how many hours I put in, the addiction level is removed. In TLAD I completed the game at 100%, and in my original save I only had 10 hours play time, but it still said "Got Your Colors" on Addiction Level. The same goes for my save of the original storyline, that save has 80 hours and says "Feeling the Rage" but then on my new files it doesn't say anything. My Player Image has also been removed from the stats. I'm not reading them wrong, they're just not there. Did Microsoft, Xbox Live, or Rockstar remove them, or is this some glitch?

edit: Favorite Vehicle also seems to be removed. I doubt I'm the only one who looks at their stats. Can anyone comment on this?

I noticed that too. Though I do not play as much, when I borrowed it from my friend I noticed it and checked regularly.

Now I downloaded it from the marketplace, and it seems that it isnt there. I think they took it out to stop promoting drug use.... as if GTA doesnt promote other things already.

And I noticed favorite car was gone too. Whats wrong with that, though? Maybe it will influence kids to drive only one car. Because everyone should drive many cars.

Also the Miles travelled stats were removed, "Liberty City to Tokyo" "Liberty City to Carcer City" "Liberty City to Bone County." Seems kind of lame that they'd remove all of that!D16x 09:51, July 2, 2010 (UTC)