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I am semi-new to GTA, I haven't played since GTA 2 and it shows!

I'm stuck on a mission called "Pimp his ride". I tried EVERYTHING to make it to the spray shop in time, but I'm always 30-40mins too late, so I keep failing the mission over and over again.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or am I just slow? Clearly its me cause other people have beaten it!


I'm not sure how to help directly. When replaying the mission from the safehouse clipboard my total time was just over 3 minutes. I start normally, take Chan's car(probably the best choice) and drive along the route given. Notice that even after you mess up the Champions car, it is still in good condition(no black smoke, sparks e.t.c) but the car does strange things like braking on its own and swerving randomly. Are you damaging the Champions car while driving back by any chance? because if you are the car will be much slower when damaged heavily. ZippyIS3
Alright, i just got a gold medal with a time of 2:36. I have noticed that when you are driving the champ's car back to the pay 'n spray it will USUALLY swerve to the left, in which case you would drive on the right side of the road(otherwise you are more likely swerve into a wall). I'm not sure if this is any help. ZippyIS3

Oh and one more thing, but i don't think it's useful but anyway. When the Champ gets out of his car and runs off, you have to disable the immobilizer(the 'hot wiring thing'), this is a bit of a waste of time, so get out the car and reenter it(unless you are really good with the immobilizer minigame which I am not). This saves time.