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?? why isnt there, i mean, it may have both Episodes init, but it is another game which has its own content

also i thought i might add here that, in the Australian edition of Episodes From Liberty City and the downloaded eps, it has the content which was blocked from the Australian verson of gta iv. so this means that Australia has got an MA+ rated game which is the same as the american 18+ game!

EDIT: I found the page, but i think it should added to the "GTA Games" thing on the left, because it is an Real hard copy game, while Tlod and TBOGT are Add on packs.

As for the uncensored Australian version, note that the PC version of the main game is also uncensored. We have VERY inconsistent ratings here in Australia. One game can get banned, while another with the same (or worst) content passes. The GTA IV PC version being uncensored is even stupider, because why is the PC version uncensored but the console versions aren't? In order to fix this inconsistency, and not have games censored all the time, I strongly support the current partition to make the R18+ rating available for video games. It's not that I would ever really access the censored content (it doesn't affect gameplay or storyline), I just don't want my games censored all the time. The R18+ rating wouldn't only bring us in line with the rest of the world, but with Australian film as well (more inconsistency!). But if the change isn't made this year while they're reviewing the system, we may have a LONG time to wait. Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk 09:19, February 15, 2010 (UTC)