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From Zero To Hero

Holy Driving
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Lance Vance
Target Stealing Jerry Martinez's coke shipment.
Location Lance's Hotel
Reward $3000
Unlocks Areas:
Washington Beach
Ocean Beach
Vice Point.

From Zero to Hero is the last mission in the first island off of GTA: VCS.



Lance has found out about the big coke shipment coming into town that Bryan Forbes was talking about, but you don't seem interested...That is, until Lance tells you the shipment belongs to Jerry Martinez...

The Mission

The mission is split in four parts:

1) Stealing The Deal: When the mission starts, you'll be in Lance's Sentinel XS with Lance and two goons. Now, drive to the docks in Little Haiti and get off the car, here there will be a huge crowd of Martinez's goons. Get a good gun and start shooting, when you've killed all of Martinez's guys you will have to get in one of the two Barracks OL trucks containing the coke, but don't worry about the goons, they will be probably dead by when you can get in the truck.

2) Holy Driver: Now that you're in the truck and Lance in the other, you'll have to drive the truck while following Lance to his lock-up, but it won't be that easy, since when you get the truck on the streets, some of Martinez's goons driving Stingers will come after you and, yes, the truck has a life bar that will start emptying when you are attacked and, yes, the truck will blow up if the bar empties. But now, concentrate on following Lance and avoiding Martinez's goons, then when you reach the bridge in Viceport that leads to Washington Beach, the next part starts.

3) Bridge Of Doom: Here comes the hard part! When you reach the bridge, Jerry Martinez will reach it too, but he isn't driving a Barrack, he's flying on a Hunter helicopter and will try to blow you up. As you drive across the bridge, Martinez will fire rockets ahead of you and you will have to zig zag along the road to avoid the blasts and the fire. Note that if you are hit by a missile and took decent damage during the Holy Driver part, you're truck will be blown up instantly. When you make it across the bridge safely, the fourth and final part of the mission starts.

4) The Getaway: When you arrive at the other side of the bridge, a huge cop blockade will appear, you will drive through it andn Martinez will be scared away, but, you will recieve a four star wanted level and you will have to follow Lance to his lock-up while avoiding the cops, and that will be hard if you took heavy damage during the Bridge Of Doom part of the mission. When you make it to Lance's lock-up (his fancy new beach-side apartment) the mission is over. You win!


(Lance's Hotel, Vic and Lance Vance).

Lance: Ah! Just in time bro! Hahaha, yeah.

Vic: Lance, I'm through with this, man.

Lance: What? You mean this dump? Yeah, me too.

Vic: No - I'm through with this bullshit. I don't wanna be a damn drug dealer. It's for assholes!

Lance: Vic - don't go soft on me now. I got what we finally needed - I know how we can get our hands on one big shipment, completely free. We can finally get Pete the health care he needs!

Vic: Look Lance. I'm a long way from being a good guy, but drus just mean trouble!

Lance: I agree, man, I 100% agree. That's why we're gonna get this one big pay day for all the hard work and split. Jerry Martinez...It's his coke.

Vic: Oh...Fuck it. You know what? Let's do it.

Lance: Alright, ladies and gentleman, that is a real man. Let's pop.

(Parking Lot, Vic and Lance).

Lance: We're gonna make it big Vic. I have a dream...I have a dream-muh!

Vic: Your dream's my nightmare.

Lance: Don't be like that, man. Look, I've even arranged some insurance. C'mon guys - time to pop.

(The Docks, Lance).

Lance: You two goons just sit tight and make sure our exit is clear. This is about to get ugly.

(The Trucks, Vic and Lance).

Lance: Take the other truck and follow me. Looks like your friend Martinez finally showed up...

Vic: Shit!

(The Drive away, Vic and Lance).

Lance: Try to keep up man, I'm a BAAAAADDDD driver.

Vic: You said it.

(The Bridge, Lance).

Lance: Hey, looks like the cops have scared off Martinez...Oh, SHIT! They're after us now!

(Lance's Apartment, Vic and Lance).

Lance: Rich at last, uh-huh, rich at last, huh...Thank God almighty, we are rich at last!

Vic: We haven't sold this shit yet.

Lance: We better, I've just bought us both fancy apartments. We're mortaged to the hilt!

Vic: We're supposed to be getting out of this shit.

Lance: We are. But I gotta do it in style. I've got a reputation to uphold.

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