Frosting on the Cake

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Frosting on the Cake
A police roadblock explodes.
A police roadblock explodes.

A police roadblock explodes.
Game The Ballad of Gay Tony
For Tony Prince
Location BOABO, Broker.

Frosting on the Cake is a mission in The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is given by Gay Tony to Luis Lopez.


The mission starts showing Gracie, Sharon, Evan and Rocco having a coke hit at Tony's apartment. Luis walks in looking for Tony, who called him in earlier. After having an exchange with Rocco, Luis finds Tony passed out on the floor. After waking him up with a brisk dunk in the bathroom sink, Tony tells Luis that they're going to purchase some 2 million dollars worth of diamonds off a smuggler in Broker. As they leave, Evan decides he wants to go as well. Outside they find a Stretch and a Stretch E, Tony commenting it was a wild night for these to be there. Tony and Costas take the Stretch, leaving Luis and Evan to take the Stretch E.

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  • This mission appears in The Lost and Damned with Johnny's point of view. This explains why the remaining Lost bikers are dead during the chase between Johnny and Evan.
  • This may be the only time you get to drive the Stretch E as it is extremely rare.
  • This is the only mission that NOOSE actually utilizes the APC.
  • Although in The Lost and Damned Johnny had 5 or 6 bikers with him but in The Ballad of Gay Tony he brought a small army of bikers which are the enemies that chase you.
  • When the Stretch E is driving of from where the deal was busted, you can see several Lost members and bodyguards fighting.

Video Walkthrough

PC Version - GTASeriesVideos


Secondary objectives

Objective Description Target score
Time Time taken to complete the mission. 0:05:45
Player Damage Damage attained by the player. 50%
Bomb Accuracy Amount of accuracy of the stick bombs. -
Escape Cops Time Time taken to lose the wanted level. 0:00:35