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*'''1835: '''The cities first newspaper, [[The Liberty Tree]], was first published.   
*'''1835: '''The cities first newspaper, [[The Liberty Tree]], was first published.   
*'''1857: '''[[The Exchange]], A neighbourhood in Liberty City, collapsed.
*'''1857: '''The financial markets of [[The Exchange]] collapsed.
*'''1872: '''The [[wp:Mary Celeste|Mary Celeste]]'s crew mysteriously disappears. This incident is mentioned in [[liesdamnlies.net]].
*'''1872: '''The [[wp:Mary Celeste|Mary Celeste]]'s crew mysteriously disappears. This incident is mentioned in [[liesdamnlies.net]].
*'''1874: '''The first [[Liberty City Subway]] station opened.   
*'''1874: '''The first [[Liberty City Subway]] station opened.   

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This is a timeline of events relating to Grand Theft Auto IV.



  • 1763: The American Revolution began in Liberty City.
  • 1783: Slaves were outlawed in the northern states; women were forced to service men in Liberty City.










  • 1990: Niko Bellic is twelve when his family gets first electricity.
  • 1992 (April 1): The Bosnian war begins. Niko Bellic fights in the Bosnian conflict on the Serbian side at only fourteen.
  • 1993: Dwayne Forge is jailed on crack distribution charges.
  • 1995 (December 14): The Bosnian war is declared over with the signing of the Dayton Agreement, although many conflicts still continue. Around this time, Niko Bellic and his army unit are betrayed and killed except for him, Florian Cravic and Darko Brevic. Niko begins searching for the traitor.
  • 1998: Niko's cousin Roman emigrates to the USA, where he settles in Liberty City and becomes a cab driver.
  • 1999: Bozo was shot directly in the head in a shootout with three police officers.


  • 2000: Mr. McReary commits suicide. The Irish Mob leaves Purgatory and settles in Dukes.
  • 2001 (September 11): The 9/11 attacks occured. The attacks are frequently mentioned, especially in political atmospheres like Weazel News.
  • 2001: Dirty Sue, a member of The Lost Brotherhood, is killed in a motorcyle accident.
  • 2003 (March 20 - May 1): The US first invades Iraq - this conflict is mentioned in GTA IV.
  • 2003: Harper loses an ear in an explosion.
  • 2006: Harper dies from a drug laboratory explosion.
  1. Angels in America, No Love Lost take place on the same day, when Jason Michaels dies.
  2. Action/Reaction takes place after Roman's Sorrow, according to internet news.
  3. Blow Your Cover and Buyer's Market are one event.
  4. Tom Goldberg is killed before Hit the Pipe, according to internet news.
  5. Roman's Holiday takes place very shortly before Hostile Negotiation.
  6. Three Leaf Clover and I Luv LC take place on the same day, when a bank is robbed.
  7. Frosting On The Cake and Diamonds in the Rough are one event, and both right before Taking in the Trash.
  8. Museum Piece, Collector's Item and Not So Fast, the infamous diamond deal, all take place at the same time.
  9. Was It Worth It?, No Way on the Subway happen at the same time after Johnny leaves Drusilla's, when Jim Fitzgerald dies.
  10. Ladies' Night happens in between Ransom (because Tony is forwarded the photo) and She's a Keeper (because Gracie is at the original hideout).
  11. Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend and Ladies Half Price are one event.
  12. Dimitri Rascalov is killed before Departure Time. There is a rumor that the explosion in Niko's finale (either A Revenger's Tragedy or Out of Commission) is caused by Ray Bulgarin's private jet blowing up in Departure Time. This might suggest Rascalov was killed prior to these missions and Niko chose Revenge, though it depends how fast news of Rascalov's death would travel.

Billy Grey is chronologically not supposed to appear in the mission Chinese Takeout, because he was arrested before Elizabeta Torres was.

  • 2008 (October 3): TARP, the $700 billion bailout of several major banks, is signed into law by George W. Bush in real life. Tony Prince briefly mentions a similar bailout in the mission I Luv LC.
  • 2009 (November 4): Election day - either Michael Graves or John Hunter is elected Governor of Liberty State. It is not revealed which one.
  • 2009: The events of GTA Chinatown Wars takes place.