Galveston Ave

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Galveston Avenue is a very long 20-block north to south street located near Middle Park, Algonquin, Liberty City. It's likely based on New York's Ninth Avenue. A Banshee can be stolen for Stevie's car thefts near the overpass in Middle Park West. The street is featured in Ray Boccino's mission A Long Way to Fall, where Niko goes to an apartment on Galveston and executes a thug named Teddy Benavidez. Galveston Avenue has the North Holland Burger Shot at the intersection with Topaz Street .

Importance in The Ballad of Gay Tony

It also plays an important role in TBoGT, as it features three important locations specific to that game. These include Luis Fernando Lopez' first and only safehouse, the Northwood Apartment along the avenue's northern limits in Northwood, in addition to both of Tony Prince's nightclubs: Hercules in the northern part of Westminster and Maisonette 9 in the southern part of Westminster.