Get Gama Rei!

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Get Gama Rei!
Yakuza leader Johnny Zoo telling "Kosai" to pick up Gama Rei from the hospital after his plastic surgery

Yakuza leader Johnny Zoo telling "Kosai" to pick up Gama Rei from the hospital after his plastic surgery
Game GTA 2
For Johnny Zoo
Location Funabashi, Downtown District, Anywhere City
Reward $40,000

Get Gama Rei! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Johnny Zoo of the Yakuza. The mission is available from the right of the two yellow Yakuza phones in Funabashi of the Downtown District, Anywhere City.


Gama Rei is at the City Hospital in plastic surgery, but the Loonies are sending out assassins for him since he knows valuable secrets. Johnny sends Claude out to pick up Gama Rei via a Medicar. When he arrives and picks up Gama Rei, Loony assassins close-in for the kill. Claude manages to evade the assassins and get Gama Rei to the safehouse.


Johnny Zoo: "Hi, Kosai, it's Johnny Zoo. Gama Rei has to leave the City Hospital - fast. He's in plastic surgery so you need a Medicar."

(Claude kills some people to get a Medicar to show up, then jacks it)

Johnny Zoo: "Excellent, Kosai. Now collect Gama Rei from the City Hospital."

(Claude drives to the hospital)

Johnny Zoo: "Have patience, Kosai. Gama Rei only just got his new face."

Johnny Zoo: "Where are you going? Pick up Gama Rei!"

(Gama Rei enters the Medicar, and the two leave the hospital)

Johnny Zoo: "Gama Rei must be taken to the safehouse before the Loonies dispatch assassins. Move it!"

(Claude begins driving toward the safehouse)

Johnny Zoo: "Gama Rei has stolen Loony secrets so they want him bad. Watch his ass, Kosai."

(The two arrive at the safehouse safely)

Johnny Zoo: "Gama Rei is important to us, Kosai. We are most pleased by your performance. Here - have $40,000."


The reward for completing the mission is $40,000,


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