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Gonzalez in GTA Vice City

Gonzalez (also known as Gonzales in the GTA Vice City manual) is the right hand man of Colonel Cortez, and would be killed by Tommy Vercetti as a favor to Cortez in Vice City. The Vice City Police Department has a file on him and wants information on Cortez through Gonzalez.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, it is revealed that Gonzalez steals some of Cortez's cocaine to make a side profit. He also judges a man by the way that he plays golf. Vic works directly for Gonzalez briefly, but Gonzalez cuts off his relationship with Vic after a large amount of cocaine he stole from Cortez was almost stolen by others. After Gonzalez has some hairy encounters with drug baron Ricardo Diaz, Diaz blackmails him: Gonzalez must tell him about all of Cortez's shipments going down in Vice City, and in return, Diaz will keep quiet about Gonzalez's thievery of Cortez's coke. After allying with Diaz, Gonzalez leaves town via the airport and is attacked by the Sharks en route. The reason for the Sharks attack is unknown, but it is suggested that Gonzalez was in a heavy battle for mass amounts of drugs against the Sharks.

By 1986 in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Gonzalez spends time at his penthouse in Vice Point, north of the Malibu Club. In the mission Treacherous Swine, Cortez reveals that Gonzalez's loose lips was how people knew about the deal. Cortez orders Tommy to kill Gonzalez for being incompetent. Tommy Vercetti "visits" him at his penthouse and in a bid for help, Gonzalez runs for the police station but is killed by Mr Vercetti.

File:Gonzales VCS Artwork.jpg
Artwork of Gonzalez for GTA Vice City Stories

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