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Appearances [[Appearance::GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City Stories]]
Full Name Gonzalez
Aliases Gonzales
Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Central America
Date of Death [[Error: Invalid time.|1986]][[DOD::1986| ]]
Nationality [[Unknown|Unknown]]
Home Vice Point, Vice City
Main Affiliations Colonel Juan Cortez
Ricardo Diaz
Victor Vance
Businesses Drug Dealing
Voiced by Jorge Pupo

Gonzalez, also spelt Gonzales, is a recurring character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (set in 1986) and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (set in 1984). He is voiced in both appearances by Jorge Pupo, who also voices Alberto Robina in GTA Vice City Stories.

Character History

Up to the early 1980s

At an unknown time Gonzalez and Colonel Juan Cortez became friends and allies, both gaining entry and diplomatic immunity to the United States, both settling in Vice City, with Gonzalez moving to the city first. Gonzalez becomes Cortez's right hand, although in 1984 he is shown to be stealing some of Cortez' cocaine to make a small profit for himself. He later allies himself with Victor Vance, after testing him through a game a golf, asking Victor to transport some cocaine, which was almost stollen by others looking for a profit. Gonzalez later has a number of meetings with Ricardo Diaz, who also employs Victor, who is aware of his actions behind Cortez' back. He later blackmails Gonzalez into giving him secrets about Cortez' drug shipments, as Diaz plans on becoming the city's drug baron, and in return he agrees to spare his life. Gonzalez later manages to flee the city, catching a flight from Escobar International Airport, although he is attacked by the Sharks.

Return to Vice City

File:Gonzalez VCS.jpg
Ricardo Diaz in GTA Vice City Stories

At some point between 1984 and 1986 Gonzalez moves back to the city alongside Cortez. The Vice City Police Department (VCPD), already aware of his former underground work, see him as a way to learn more about Cortez' operation, and are suspicious of his relations with Diaz. He later informs Ricardo Diaz of a planned drug deal between the Vance Crime Family and the Forelli Family, which is ambushed by Diaz' men. Cortez, seemingly aware of Gonzalez' treachery, begins to look into the ambushed drug deal, that he had helped to set up, and looks closely at Gonzalez, who is also disliked by his daughter Mercedes. Cortez discovers his secret business relationship with Diaz, even openly suggesting to Tommy Vercetti that Diaz may have been involved in the ambushed drug deal, although he does not accuse Diaz. Cortez has the 'incompetant' Gonzalez killed by Vercetti, who had been present at the ambushed drug deal. Gonzalez was killed whilst fleeing his penthouse in Vice Point. His killing attracts the attention of the VCPD, due to Gonzalez having diplomatic immunity, although Tommy escapes.

Mission Appearances

File:Gonzales VCS Artwork.jpg
Artwork of Gonzalez for GTA Vice City Stories

GTA Vice City Mission Appearances

GTA Vice City Stories Mission Appearances