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Toni Cipriani in the Goodfella in GTA Liberty City Stories.

The Goodfella is an unlockable outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for protagonist Toni Cipriani.


The Goodfella is fashioned as a casual attire comparable to the casual clothes and Wiseguy, consisting of a black pinstriped shirt, dark grey pants, black shoes, and a necklace. While the Goodfella's design is very similar to the Wiseguy's, there are several differences, primarily on the shirt: The Goodfella has long sleeves whilst the Wiseguy has short sleeves, while the Goodfella's shirt is more buttoned down than the Wiseguy. Like other clothes in the game, changing into the outfit will remove up to a two star wanted level.

The Goodfella is added to the player's wardrobe upon completion of "Overdose of Trouble", a mission from Maria Latore.


  • The outfit is clearly named after Goodfellas, a film featuring Frank Vincent, who was also the voice actor for Salvatore Leone, a central character in GTA Liberty City Stories. The only difference is that the outfit's name is singular rather than plural.