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File:Mountain-GTAV.JPG|Hikers at the base of a mountain near Los Santos
File:Mountain-GTAV.JPG|Hikers at the base of a mountain near Los Santos
File:GTAV-Convertible.jpg|A convertible car retracting its roof
File:GTAV-Convertible.jpg|A convertible car retracting its roof
File:GTAV-wind power generators.jpg|Several wind power generators near Los Santos
File:GTAV-WindTurbines.jpg|Several wind power generators near Los Santos
File:GTAV-Suit.jpg|A man in a suit overlooking the [[Los Santos in GTA V|city]]
File:GTAV-Suit.jpg|A man in a suit overlooking the [[Los Santos in GTA V|city]]
File:GTAV-CropDuster.jpg|A crop dusting plane over a vineyard
File:GTAV-CropDuster.jpg|A crop dusting plane over a vineyard

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GTA V box art
GTA V box art
Set in 2013
Location Los Santos (San Andreas)
Platforms PC PS3 PS4 PS5 Xbox 360 Xbox One Xbox X|S
Release dates

Xbox 360 - 17 September 2013
PS3 - 17 September 2013
Xbox One - 18 November 2014
PS4 - 18 November 2014
PC - 27 January 2015
PS5 - 15 March 2022

Xbox Series X|S - 15 March 2022
Developers Rockstar Games
Publishers Rockstar North
Engine RAGE
Expansions GTA Online
Links Characters | Missions | Vehicles | Weapons | Radio stations | Cheats

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is an upcoming video game created by Rockstar Games. It will be the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. The game is set in modern day Los Santos, San Andreas. A release date is not known, although it is presumed to be released in 2012 or 2013.

For an analysis of the Trailer, see here.

Official Information about GTA V

Los Santos in GTA V

On 2 November 2011, Rockstar Games released a trailer for GTA V, showing a range of clips of the game.[1] The next day, Rockstar released the "official announcement":

We are very proud to officially announce that Grand Theft Auto V is in full development.

Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V heads to the city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches in the largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created.
A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present day Southern California.[2]

These two sources provide the only known information about the game:

  • The game is set in modern-day Los Santos (based on Los Angeles) and surrounding countryside in the state of San Andreas.
    • The cities of San Fierro or Las Venturas (the other cities in San Andreas) may not be included in GTA V. This might mean that the main story line takes place in Los Santos, but many fans have doubted that only Los Santos and some other parts of Southern California will be in the game, as Rockstar are known for various marketing tricks. It's possible that Rockstar are following a similar style of marketing, as in GTA: San Andreas, only Los Santos was shown with no evidence of any other cities, as a whole state was only a rumor, but eventually it was confirmed that San Fierro and Las Venturas existed.
    • Los Santos and the surrounding areas have been completely remade; it is not a copy of the map from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. However from the trailers, the general outline seems to be the same, Downtown area being situated west of the East side, the rolling hills to the north with the Vinewood sign, outback with large mountain etc.
    • Named locations include: Vinewood, Little Seoul, Los Puerta Freeway, Vespucci Beach, Downtown, Del Perro Freeway, East Los Santos and Los Santos Bay.
  • The trailer also shows: planes, airships/blimps, trucks, jet-skis, mountainous countryside, convertible cars, mines and wind turbines.
  • The city and surrounding areas appear to be thick with smog during late evening time.
  • Many vehicles in the trailer appear to be directly from GTA IV, with some being redesigned, and many new ones have been created.
  • The U.S. Interstate will be featured in the game, making it one of the few things not to be parodied and have its real-life form in a GTA game. This does not confirm that San Fierro, Las Venturas or any new cities will be in the game.
  • The music in the trailer is "Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake Overture" by Small Faces.[3]


A number of conclusions could be drawn from the trailer. The following points are assumptions, guesses or expectations rather than being official or confirmed.

  • The protagonist moved to Los Santos looking for a fresh start, retiring from "that line of work". He "bought a big house, came here, put my feet up, thought I'd be a dad like all the other dads", but fell back into a criminal lifestyle because of financial troubles (fitting into the theme of "the almighty dollar").
  • A dog is seen in the beginning of the first GTA V trailer, suggesting that the game may include pets.
  • "Los Puerta" might be another city in San Andreas, possibly based on San Diego. There is good reason to believe this because the highway sign shown is Interstate 5, a real-life U.S. Interstate in Los Angeles. The I-5 goes both through LA and San Diego, and in real-life a portion of the I-5 in Los Angeles is called the San Diego Freeway, and Los Puerta Freeway might be its GTA counterpart. Interstate 5 also passes through the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, but it's too early to tell whether those cities will be in the game.
  • One of the skyscrapers resembles the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles.
  • The robbers that are dressed as exterminators' target resembles the landmark shopping plaza on the corner of Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Blvd. in real-life Los Angeles.


Hints and guesses about GTA V

File:Liberty City its all over.jpg
The Liberty City, It's Over! poster, a possible teaser on Grand Theft Auto V.

A number of possible clues have been found in previous GTA games and elsewhere to indicate what may be the setting and content of GTA V. Fans have also made a number of educated guesses.

  • There has been no official release date announced yet, but there are many suggestions and potential leaks. For example, British retailer Zavvi lists the game for pre-order with the release date as 23 November 2012, although this could be just an educated guess.
  • A number of sources are citing Ned Luke as the actor portraying the lead character, supposedly named Albert De Silva[4]. If this character is the man in the suit from the GTA V trailer, who closely resembles Ned Luke, this character seems to be older and more successful than previous GTA protagonists who have started at the bottom of the food chain and worked their way up. This could indicate a significant change in the progression of the game from previous iterations. Alternatively, this character could be one of several playable characters through the course of the game, as has been rumoured, which would be a first since the GTA 1 Era.
  • A leaked casting call lists several characters for a future game, which coincides with the name "Albert de Silva". These include mentally unstable hillbillies in "the sticks", a detailed cast of FBI agents, soccer moms and divorcees in the suburbs (perhaps de Silva's neighbors), celebrities, at least two Chinese Triad characters, and an 18-year-old slacker son for Albert named Kevin. Several young male Irish characters, including Eddie McReary who "lives with his cousin", hints very strongly at the return of Packie McReary. Niko Bellic's voice actor is in a dispute with Rockstar Games, and his return seems highly unlikely. James Pedeaston was released from prison and will make a comeback, but possibly with a different voice actor. There is a very strong focus on the political issue of legalized and/or medicinal marijuana.
  • Gaming blog Kotaku quoted a source "familiar with the game" stating that the game will be set in Los Angeles (which was previously featured as Los Santos in GTA San Andreas and in Rockstar's crime-solving game LA Noire), and may feature multiple playable characters (similar to GTA IV's episodic contents that brought new characters and stories to the game).[5]
  • On page thirteen of the Episodes from Liberty City guide book, there's a teaser that shows a broken heart made of the GTA IV box art and says "Liberty City, It's Over!" followed by "Next Stop..." and a small torn area that shows another poster behind, later revealed to be an advert for Mollis. The torn area has been noted as being in the shape of France. It also says in the right lower corner in a red box "Opens March Everywhere".
  • According to reports, Rockstar Games recently registered new website domains that sound like they could belong to GTA V's in-game Internet, assuming the game inherits the feature from GTA IV. The domains are:,,,, and[6]
Niko Bellic's Air Sol ticket to San Andreas.
  • On the Rockstar Games Social Club in the GTA IV Story Gang section, there is an Air Sol plane ticket that was apparently purchased by Niko Bellic to fly from Liberty City to San Andreas. This hints that Niko Bellic might make an appearance in the game, most likely as a mission boss or supporting character.
  • Take-Two Interactive revealed they are expecting at least $2.00 per share for the first quarter of fiscal year 2012. The last time this happened was during the release of GTA IV, which reached $2.08 per share. Income only reached $1.06 per share during the release of Red Dead Redemption, and is projected to only reach $0.35 for the current fiscal year. It is expected that only a GTA game is able to bring this level of success to T2, which implies one must be planned for release in fiscal year 2012.

A screenshot of the GTA V casting list on IMDB; note how CJ is listed as rumored while Niko is not.
  • According to there are rumors that both Niko Bellic and Carl Johnson will return.[7], although this is unlikely as the GTA III era is considered complete and Niko Bellic's voice actor was involved in a pay dispute with Rockstar, the reason that he wasn't invited back to record new dialogue for GTA IV's DLC[8]. However there is nothing to suggest that he hasn't resolved these issues.
The easter egg in question.
  • In the Firefly Island amusement park in Grand Theft Auto IV, located quite near the miniature golf course, there is a fairground ride with a backdrop that features a collage of screenshots from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: the Vinewood Sign, a Hydra hovering in front of the Los Santos skyline, and a Shamal flying over the countryside. The similarity of this mural and the end of the GTA V trailer (where a private jet flies over the Vinewood Sign and towards Los Santos) has lead many to believe that the mural was a deliberate hint towards the location of GTA V, suggesting that GTA V has been in production since the release of GTA IV, or that the game's location was planned at that time.

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