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If you find a page that needs help from other editors or from Grand Theft Wiki:Staff, add a cleanup template to alert other users that help is needed.

A full list of templates is at - Category:Cleanup Templates. See more information on our cleanup policy at Grand Theft Wiki:Cleanup

Significant page problems

Template Description Category
{{delete}} Proposed Deletion - I think this page is should be deleted, but some people might disagree, so it's best to give members have a chance to discuss it on the Talk page. Delete
{{spam}} Spam - This whole page is completely useless, irrelevant or nonsense, and should be deleted quickly. There won't be any disputes over this, and an administrator can just delete it if they agree. Speedy Delete
{{relevance}} Not relevant to this wiki - A user has flagged this article for being not relevant enough to this wiki. You could improve the article to make it more relevant. Please discuss whether or not this page should be deleted on the talk page. Delete
Content Needed
{{vandal}} Vandalism - This page (or part of it) has been subject to vandalism or spam attacks, and needs to be fixed or deleted immediately. Speedy Delete
{{merge}} Merge - This page needs to be merged into/with another one. Merge
{{move}} Move - This page needs to be moved to another one. Do NOT just copy-and-paste content into a new page, ask for Staff to move it properly. Move

Large Notices

These templates add a large notice to the page, visibly alerting to significant problems.

Template Description Category
{{cleanup}} Cleanup - This page (or section) does not conform to Policy, and needs to be cleaned up by an experienced user
Please try to use a more specific template to ensure the right help can be given
Unreadable - This page is difficult to read - please rewrite it or re-arrange the content Explanation Needed
Content Needed
{{Stub}} Stub - This page is almost empty of information, but is a useful enough topic to need to be built up. Please place {{stub}} at the bottom of an article. If the page is totally empty or has no explanation of its relevance, use {{prod}} instead. If the page is important, and the expansion is urgent, use {{expand}}. Stubs
Content Needed
{{newimages}} New Image Needed - This image needs replacing Images Needed
{{verify}} Verification Needed - The accuracy of some information on this page (or section) has been disputed. Check the page is factual, correct any inaccurate information and remove any unfounded information. Also, place a request on the talk page (or the talk page of the user that added the content) to ask for verification of the information. Verification Needed
{{List}} List Incomplete - A list on this page is incomplete or out of date, and requires updating. Content Needed
{{redlinks}} Redlinks - This page (or section) has a lot of Red Links (Wanted Pages or Categories), which need to be created. Content Needed
{{outofdate}} Out Of Date - This page (or section) is out of date, and requires editing to make the information current. If the entire page is irrelevant, use {{prod}} instead. Content Needed
{{errors}} Errors - This article or section is broken - it contains syntax errors that need to be corrected Cleanup Needed
{{orphan}} Orphan - No other pages on this wiki link to this page, nor transclude it. Either set up relevant links to this page, or propose it for deletion. Organisation Needed
{{whichgame}} Which Game? - This article does not specify which GTA game(s) it refers to - please correct this and remove this tag. Verification Needed

Small Side Notices

These notices appear to the side of the article, allowing it to be used part-way through without being a major distraction.

Template Description Category
{{expand}} Expand - This is an important page that urgently needs more information. Optional parameter for suggestions. This should only be used on important pages, so use {{stub}} for other pages. (small side notice) Content Needed
{{images}} Image Needed - This page (or section) requires more (or improved) images. (small side notice) Images Needed
{{arrange}} Arrange - This article is confusing and difficult to read. Often just lots of unorganised paragraphs. It needs organising, rearranging, and probably rewriting. Cleanup Needed

Inline Notices

These templates add a small notice in-line with text, such as [Citation Needed]

Template Description Category
{{fact}} Citation Needed - Evidence is needed for this fact or claim, so find the source/proof and add a reference, or remove the claim. Verification Needed
{{?}} Is this right? - Find evidence or reword to be more accurate. Verification Needed
Explanation Needed
{{Explain}} Explanation Needed - This is unclear, please explain this in a better way. Verification Needed

Cleanup Categories

Each cleanup template adds the page into one or more of the following cleanup categories. Please use a cleanup template rather than directly adding the category.

We use these categories so that editors interested in certain tasks can easily find articles that they might like to work on.

See Category:Cleanup for all cleanup-related articles and categories, and see Tasks for jobs you can do to help out around the wiki.