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Grenades are an area-effect weapon which have been featured in every Grand Theft Auto game since Grand Theft Auto 2.

Grenades are highly destructive to both people and objects, including vehicles — in most GTA games, conventional vehicles can be destroyed with a single grenade, and people will almost always be killed if within the blast radius. Grenades are ideal for taking out enemies hiding behind cover, and for scattering tight-knit groups of foes.

Grenades can, of course, be just as dangerous to the player as to enemies, and must be deployed carefully to avoid the grenade bouncing back to the player. In Grand Theft Auto IV, the player can drop a live grenade to the ground, but must run for cover before it detonates. One can also 'cook' a grenade (hold onto it while it counts down) for a short time before throwing it. It begins beeping if it is held for too long, and if not thrown, will explode in the player's hands. In Grand Theft Auto IV, grenades are in fact much more lethal to the player than to enemies -- unless a grenade explodes very close to an enemy, they will likely survive, despite being thrown by the explosion.

In GTA IV, grenades can be dropped while driving, and are more effective for in-car use than Molotovs, due to their far superior radius of effect, however the player must take care to remain on the move while using grenades — the player's own car can easily be caught in the explosion if it does not move on immediately.

In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the player can use the touch screen to throw Grenades at a distance in any direction.


In-Game Model

HUD Icons



Grenades are available from the Newport Ammu-Nation on Staunton Island after the completion of Last Requests. They cost $2,000).

  • Safehouses - Grenades spawn outside every safehouse once the player collects 30 hidden packages.

GTA Vice City

Grenades can be purchased from the North Point Mall Ammu-Nation, for $300.

GTA San Andreas

GTA Liberty City Stories

Grenades can be purchased from Ammu-Nation after completion of Driving Mr. Leone, for $360.

  • Newport, Staunton Island - In an alleyway behind Ammu-Nation. The player passes by the grenade during "Night of the Livid Dreads".
  • Portland Docks, Portland- On the back of the black boat to the left of the blue freighter that you use on the mission "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade" Opposite side of ramp. Hidden package near.

GTA Vice City Stories

Grenades can be purchased from the Downtown Vice City Ammu-Nation, or the Vice Point Mall Ammu-Nation, for $360; the price is decreased to $240 once the player beats Phil's Shooting Range.

  • Ocean Beach - Behind the hospital by a tree and some bushes, just by the helipad.
  • Little Haiti - Next to one of the many shacks.


Grenades can be purchased from the back-alley gun shops for $1,000. They can also be purchased from Little Jacob for $700.


  • Steinway - Can be found in the fourth gated yard in an alley between Tinconderoga Ave and Trenton Ave.
  • Meadows Park - Can be found underneath the large steel globe in the larger fountain.
  • Francis International Airport - Can be found on the west end of the boat dock south of the aviation fuel storage facility to the southwest of the airport.


  • Fortside - Can be found in an alley between Folsom Way and Rykers Ave.

Charge Island


  • Star Junction - Can be found in an alley off Kunzite St, between the Magic Curtain Theatre and the Celtica Hotel.
  • The Triangle - Can be found next to a large spool of electrical cable in the north side of the Columbus Ave construction site.
  • The Triangle - Can be found next to a manhole on the north side of the Frankfort Ave construction site.
  • The Meat Quarter - Can be found in the alley between Iron St and Union Drive West.
  • Suffolk - Can be found atop the roof of the Globe Oil gas station on Feldspar St and Union Drive West.
  • Chinatown - Can be found on the second floor of the construction project on Bismarck Ave, south of Diamond St.

Happiness Island

  • Happiness Island - Can be found in the entrance hall to the statue, on the right.


  • Alderney City - Can be found on the ledge of a building behind the Mr. Fuk's Rice Box restaurant.
  • Port Tudor - Can be found on a second-floor catwalk in a large boat repair warehouse on the docks.