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A HPV-1000 in GTA San Andreas.

The HPV-1000 is a motorcycle in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The HPV-1000 is a police motorcycle ridden by San Andreas Police Department police bikers. It is very fast and agile, although the player can fall off easily if they have minimal "bike skill". Unless the Rhino or Hunter is available, this bike is a good choice for completing the Vigilante side mission - mainly because the player can fire a submachine gun straight ahead, allowing them to take out the opponent easily. Its compact motorcycle design also allows it to navigate around traffic far better than full-sized cars.

The HPV-1000 assumes is a unique model that isn't shared by another motorcycle, and bears resemblance to a police Kawasaki KZ1000. The name may be a reference to the human papillomavirus (HPV).

Prominent appearances in missions

The HPV-1000 makes an important appearance in "Cop Wheels", in where protagonist Carl Johnson needs to steal four HPV-1000s in various places around Las Venturas for the heist and needs to deliver it to a moving Packer.


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