Heart Stopper

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The Heart Stopper is a meal served at Burger Shot in GTA IV, that may based on the Big Mac or Whopper. It can't be ordered, but is visible through menus and ads, and may be eaten with a friend since you're charged $100. The Burger, as they say is 'Super-Sized'; which has 7 beef patties. The aptly named burger consists of seven patties and a total of six pounds of meat and cheese. The ads have a man calling 911, suffering a heart attack then shifting to a logo of Burger Shot. The motto of the Heart Stopper is, "Oh, I think my heart just stopped!". You can watch TV to see the commericial. The ads can be seen on billboards and signs, and also in the On Liberty issue that comes with the PC version of the game. It's a Mission's game reference to the burger is watching a TV ad and a mission where Niko Bellic goes to a vantage point in upper Algonquin and snipes a TV watcher who is sighting the commercial. It's seen on burgershot.net. "Amazingly; after you eat one; you'll be hungry an hour later".