Hit the Courier

Hit the Courier is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Earnest Kelly from the Print Works in Little Haiti, Vice City.

Hit The Courier
Tommy Vercetti explains his plan to steal the counterfeit plates to Lance Vance and Earnest Kelly
Tommy Vercetti explains his plan to steal the counterfeit plates to Lance Vance and Earnest Kelly

Tommy Vercetti explains his plan to steal the counterfeit plates to Lance Vance and Earnest Kelly
Game GTA Vice City
For Earnest Kelly
Target Counterfeit Plate Courier
Location Little Haiti, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
The counterfeit plate courier escapes in the Maverick
The counterfeit plate courier arrives at her destination
The counterfeit plates end up in the water
Reward $5,000
Cap the Collector (after completing Cop Land and 5 other assets)
Unlocked by Spilling the Beans


After finding out about the counterfeit plates, Tommy sets out to intercept them from a courier landing in Viceport. After a brief conversation with Lance and Earnest, he leaves for Viceport. Upon arriving at the docks, he is attacked by several armed women whom he kills. He then waits for the courier who arrives in a Maverick with another bodyguard. He kills both of them, and grabs the plates. Afterwards, he returns to the Print Works.


(Print Works, Tommy Vercetti, Earnest Kelly and Lance Vance).

Tommy Verceti: Alright, the courier's moving the plates from the docks today. I'm gonna go intercept them, grab the plates, lose any heat, and make my way back here. Now. Depending how this goes, we may have five minutes to print the money before the counterfeit syndicate finds us, or we may have all year. Either way, I want green rolling of the presses five minutes after I get back. Got it?

Earnest Kelly: Don't you worry Tommy. We'll be ready.

Lance Vance: Me an' the boys will be around in the neighborhood case you need any heat taken care of.

Tommy Vercetti: All right, everybody cool? All right, I'll catch you later...

(After the courier has been killed)

Counterfeiting Woman: That prick has the plates! Kill him and get them back!


The reward for this mission is $5,000 and a non-interactive bag of money spawns on the bed of Tommy's Suite at the Ocean View Hotel. The Print Works now generates revenue up to $8,000 every day as an asset. The mission Cap the Collector is also unlocked, if the player has already completed Cop Land and 5 other assets.


  • The target in this mission drives a unique black Sentinel. This is very hard to take from her, mainly because of the many women that are guarding her. The car is also locked which means the player has to snipe her out to even be able to get inside the car.
  • Even though Lance claims he "an' the boys" will be around to take care of the police, they are nowhere to be found during this mission and the player gains a wanted level just like they would normally.
  • Strange enough, the courier is in fact female, despite a mission failure subtitle saying “The courier has arrived at his destination safely, you're too late!”.


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