Home's on the Range

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Home's on the Range
Victor Vance playing golf at Leaf Links in an attempt to impress Gonzalez

Victor Vance playing golf at Leaf Links in an attempt to impress Gonzalez
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Gonzalez
Location Leaf Links, Vice City
Reward $1,000
Unlocks Purple Haze
Taking the Fall
Swinger's Club
Unlocked by The Colonel's Coke

Home's on the Range is a mission from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by Gonzalez from the Leaf Links golf club, Vice City.


Victor was asked by Gonzalez to meet him at the golf range in Leaf Links. After a short time of playing Gonzalez and a couple of his goons appear in Caddy's. Gonzalez tells him that if he can play golf good enough then maybe they can work together. After playing around, Victor eventually gets a perfect hit and Gonzalez praises him and the mission is completed.


(Victor, Gonzalez at the golf range.)

Gonzalez: Ah, Vic. I hope you play golf.

Victor Vance: Sure. I've played a round or two.

Gonzalez: I play around all the time, but don't tell my wife. Vic, I find the way a man plays golf says much about him.

Victor Vance: Really?

Gonzalez: Si. For instance, I trusted Jesus over there. Yet, he betrayed me. Heh! I should have known better. He's a terrible golfer. Let's see if I like the way you play, eh? Then maybe we do business.

(Victor shots and hits the buoy and it explodes.)

Gonzalez: Bueno! You bastard! No one sells me out! Well played, Vic.

Victor Vance: Thanks.

Gonzalez: Regard this as a down-payment on your services. I'll be in touch.

Post mission pager message

Lance Vance: Watch your back Bro'. Word on the street is - Martinez has split from FED protection...


The reward for completing this mission is $1,000 and the missions Purple Haze and Taking the Fall, in addition to the side mission Swinger's Club.

Video walkthrough

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