Hookers Hit it Big

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Hookers Hit it Big is an article found in the Vice City Inquirer of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Two of Vice City's favorite streetwalkers hit it big in the new Vice City Lotto Scratch Off Jackpot last week.

The two women who give their names as Mystique and Destiny, reportedly purchased the winning ticket together from a local convenience store,where they were purchasing beauty and personal hygiene products. "It was just stuff we buy all the time mouthwash, microwave burritos, and lotto tickets."Mystique, 18 years old and a resident of downtown Vice City, reported to the inquirer. But as quickly as they won, the money was spent.Two weeks later both the women were right back on the streets. "It's not like I could retire off of it. I knew I wasn't going to be quitting my job. it's what I love to do. Besides, my manager told me a lot of guys would want to meet a millionaire. But don't worry, the money won't change me. I plan on giving back to those less fortunate than me." Mystique claims to have spent the money on spa visits, tube tops, a walkman for those long hours on the job, and massive amounts of pharmaceuticals for various unnamed maladies. Destiny was unavailable for comment.