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The Hydra Fighter Plane on the runway.

The Hydra is the first jet fighter to appear in any GTA game. Its concept is derived from the Mcdonnell Douglas(now Boeing)/British Aerospace AV-8B or the Harrier Gr. 7 (as it's known in the UK). Its nose is slightly longer than the standard AV-8B, meaning it has the AN/APG-65 RADAR carried by the AV-8B+... even though the APG-65 RADAR was not integrated until the late 90s. It lacks the Harrier's eternal 25mm cannon, only missiles that could be used. The Hydra also includes a auto repair system (ARS) which can repair the main body of the craft after minor impact. However it can not repair the wings or the a head on crash. It is equiped with lock on missles and flares as countermeasures. It's the fastest aircraft in all of San Andreas and one of the easiest to fly. You can switch between hover and flight mode by pushing the right analog stick forward/back. The Hydra can be attained by a cheat code or at "Easter bay naval station" at "Verdant Meadows" air strip after "Vertical bird", at Sweets house afer 100% completion and at "Area 69" after "Black project"