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The Hydra Fighter Plane on the runway.

The Hydra is a jet fighter featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is based on the McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing)/BAe Harrier II, although the air intake is on the underside of the aircraft and resembles that of a Lockheed F-16. The nose is also somewhat squashed and flatter than the Harrier's nose. The Hydra also includes an auto repair system which can repair the main body of the craft after minor impact. However it can not repair the wings.

It is equipped with lock on missiles and flares as countermeasures.

It's the fastest aircraft in GTA San Andreas and one of the easiest to fly. The player can switch between hover and flight mode by pushing the right analog stick forward/back, and on a PC by holding down 8 on the number pad, or Del. The Hydra can be attained by a cheat code or at Easter Basin Naval Station, in a hangar at Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard after the mission Vertical Bird, at Sweet's house after 100% completion, and at Area 69 after Black Project.

It is rated by many players as their favourite aircraft, for its speed, agility, and weapons which make it an excellent choice for any purpose requiring an airplane. Its chief disadvantage comes not from the vehicle itself, but the game engine -- high-speed flight can allow your plane to hit objects like trees well before they've become visible.

Two Hydras will go after the player once they attain a 4 star Wanted Level or higher, and try to take down the player. The enemy Hydras should be no match, as they have a penchant for flying in lazy circles and not deploying flares.

Easter Eggs

Part of the text on the side of the aircraft features the letters 'DMA', this is likely a reference to the fact that Rockstar North was formerly known as DMA.