Ivan the Not So Terrible

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Ivan The Not So Terrible
Niko Bellic talking to Vladimir Glebov inside Comrades Bar.

Niko Bellic talking to Vladimir Glebov inside Comrades Bar.
For Vladimir Glebov
Target Ivan Bytchkov
Location Hove Beach
Fail Lose Ivan in the car chase.
Reward $200
Unlocks Uncle Vlad
Unlocked by Clean Getaway

Ivan the Not So Terrible is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to protagonist Niko Bellic by Vladimir Glebov from Comrades Bar.


Niko enters Comrades Bar, where Vlad waits for him. He tells Niko that there is a man he wants dead, Ivan Bytchkov, and has set him up by telling him to rob Roman from his cab depot, where Niko has to go and kill him.

Niko goes to the cab depot and sees how Ivan quickly escapes by car. Niko chases Ivan around all the city until he crashes in a construction site and escapes by foot. He enters the unfinished building and starts climbing ladders. Niko does so too, until both of them get to the roof. They climb a crane and start jumping from building to building. At the end of a building, Ivan falls and hangs from a ledge. Niko approaches him and Ivan begs for his life to be spared.

Niko has to either kill him or spare his life. He either stomps on his hands so Ivan falls to the street and dies or helps him go back up, to which he tells him to stay away from Hove Beach and allows him to go away.

Either way, Niko will call Vlad and tell him that Ivan is dead. During the phone conversation, Vlad tells Niko that he has been having sex with Mallorie, which angers Niko.


The player gets $200. In addition, if the player decides to spare Ivan's life, he will become a random character later in the game.


  • The whole traffic during the chase is scripted (as numerous other missions in the game) so the vehicles seen in the traffic are not random.
  • The name of this mission is a reference to Ivan the Terrible, the Russian Tsar between December 3, 1533 to March 28, 1584.
  • During the end credits for The Lost and Damned, one of the scenes shown is the rooftop chase in this mission. Also during the scene, the mission Bleed Out is somehow happening at the same time (Roman's Taxi and Dardan Petrela's car parked on the sidewalk, Bledar Morina and Kalem Vulaj beating up Roman in the basketball courts under the El Train) despite already being completed.
  • It is possible to kill Ivan before he reaches the ledge, if you shoot him enough while he is running away, he will become wounded. The player can then finish him off.
  • At the beginning of the mission, Jimmy's car, a Blista Compact, that you stole in the previous mission is parked in front of Comrades Bar.
  • This mission is similar to the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission The Chase.
  • There are some rumors that state the rooftop chase was based on a scene from the film, In The Line Of Fire; where Clint Eastwood chases John Malkovich across rooftops in Washington D.C.. Eastwood ends up being saved from the person he was trying to catch (instead of Niko saving/killing Ivan in the mission).
  • If the player approaches Roman's garage from the north, Ivan will take a much shorter journey to the construction site, thus making the mission easier.
  • It is possible to obtain Ivan's uniquely colored Ruiner (black with yellow trim) by entering it as Ivan begins climbing up the construction site. Simply drive it down the block to the south and park it. Ivan will not continue climbing until Niko has begun climbing and you will not fail the mission for moving away from him. After completing the mission, you can just go back down to the street you left the car and park it at any safehouse.