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File:Johnson House.jpg
The Johnson House, the home of Carl Johnson and other Johnson family members, as depicted in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The Johnson House is a home in Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos, which is the home of the Johnson family. Beverly Johnson raised her four children (Carl, Sweet, Kendl and Brian) in the house. Carl was born in the Johnson House, and it is possible that her three other children were born in the house.

The house was the target of a drive-by shooting in early 1992, which cost Beverly her life (although the Ballas gang members were aiming for Sweet Johnson). Carl Johnson, who had returned from Liberty City, then moves into the house. Despite coming under constant attack, Ganton does not fall until both Carl and Sweet leave Ganton (Carl taken to Whetstone whilst Sweet was arrested).

Whilst Carl is out of Los Santos, the house lies within Ballas gang territory, although the house is not vandalized. The home falls back into the hands of Carl and Sweet after they return to Los Santos (Sweet was released via Mike Toreno). The house is the place of the last cut scene of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where Carl and guests talk about their various successes.

The garage located next to the house can store up to three vehicles, although the garage door will not open for vehicles after two vehicles are stored in the garage. A third vehicle can be put into the garage by reversing the vehicle to the garage door, exiting and entering the vehicle quickly and then reversing into the garage.

In the upstairs bedroom there is a camera, which can be used to take pictures. Following the Tagging up Turf, a spray paint can is also available in the same bedroom. The Johnson House, after spraying over all 100 Gang Tags, has four weapons available for use in the kitchen. The weapons are: an AK-47, a Shotgun, Molotov Cocktails and a Tec-9. The living room also has a video game console, which is playable.

The Johnson House becomes an asset after the completion of the mission Doberman, allowing Carl to gain more money. After the mission Green Sabre, the House loses its asset status, although this is restored after completing the game. The icon for collecting money is a yellow/gold $ sign, which is located in front of the garage.