Kurowski Station

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Portland El station

Station information
Service Portland El
Transfer Liberty City Subway at Portland
Platforms 1
Tracks 2
Borough Portland
Next north Rothwell
Next south Baillie

Kurowski Station is an elevated station on the Portland El in Portland, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It is located in Portland's Chinatown neighborhood, above the waterfront promenade, parallel to the Staunton Island docks in Newport. The station is notable for its number of accessways, totaling three: two staircases located along the waterfront promenade and one located in a plaza, connected to the station by a long pedestrian bridge over a major road. The station is in close proximity to Portland subway station, a stop on the Liberty City Subway.

Kurowski Station is the only elevated station station in GTA III to have pedestrians walking on the platform. However, if a train is waiting at the station and a pedestrian attempts to walk through one of the trains' doors, the pedestrian dies. It is unknown if this is a glitch or purposely done.

Like other stations in the city, the station is originally unnamed in GTA III. The station's name was later retconned as "Kurowski Station" in GTA Liberty City Stories, being likely to have been named after Paul Kurowski, one of the writers for GTA III.