Leone's Suit

Leone's suit is an outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for protagonist Toni Cipriani, designed as a mafia attire for the Leones.

Toni Cipriani wearing Leone's suit in GTA Liberty City Stories.


Leone's suit is actually retextured casual clothes repurposed as a Leone-styled three-piece suit consisting of a black jacket and pants, a white shirt with no tie (in contrast to the vast majority of Leone gang members who tend to be dressed with ties), and black shoes. The suit, which effectively serves as gangwear for the player, is comparable to the Havana in GTA Vice City.

Available in the wardrobe from the start of the game, the suit is first featured during "Home Sweet Home", when the player is instructed to change to Leone's suit at the Portland Safehouse, wearing the attire throughout the duration of the mission. The suit will also be worn upon conclusion of "Making Toni" if the player is not already dressed in it.

Like other clothes in the game, changing into the outfit will remove up to a two star wanted level.


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