Leta Lopez-Wilkinson

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Leta Lopez-Wilkinson is the daughter of Adriana and Mr. Lopez, and the youngest sister of Luis Fernando Lopez and Ernesto Lopez. She was abandoned by her father along with her brothers and was sexually harassed by a teacher at her school, which resulted in Luis shooting the teacher and being sent to a juvenile detention center. Leta later moved out and married a Mr. Wilkinson, and had an unknown amount of children. She works in a human resources department but tells Luis not to work in one as "people treat you like you need wipe their asses".

Leta has a healthier relationship with Luis than their brother Ernesto and does not nag Luis about his nightclub lifestyle, unlike their mother and brother, which Luis admires. She later asks Luis to look out for their mother after admitting that she and Ernesto have not been there for her after moving out.


  • Henrique Bardas has a crush on Leta, one that has apparently has stood since they were kids.
  • During one of the Club Management side missions, Dessie asks Luis to go pick up the Blue Brothers and bring them back to Maisonette 9. Luis complies, but states he's only doing so because his niece is crazy about them. Considering the fact the Ernesto and Luis hardly talk, and that his kids think their uncle Luis is dead, it can be implied that it is Leta's children he is talking about, and that Leta has a daughter.