Liberty City Bikers

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Did you mean Vice City Bikers, the Vice City gang led by Big Mitch Baker?
Liberty City Bikers
Games: GTA Liberty City Stories
Locations: Portland Island
Leader: Cedric Fotheringay
Type: motorcycle gang
Enemies: Toni Cipriani, Avenging Angels
Affiliations: Maria
Vehicles: PCJ 600, Angel, Freeway
Weapons: TEC 9, Fire Axe, Katana, Meat Cleaver, Baseball Bat, Stubby Shotgun, Brass Knuckles, Chisel
Businesses: Motorcicle racing, Drugs dealing
Members: Cedric Fotheringay

The Liberty City Bikers, a biker gang based in Portland Island, Liberty City, led by Cedric Fotheringay, known as Wayne, is a biker gang primarily involved in drugs and street racing. The gang is only featured in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, mostly in missions given by Maria Latore. Wayne, the leader, sells drugs to Maria, and was also romantically involved with her.

Toni Cipriani discovers the gang whilst assisting Maria, who had put herself up as first prize in a street race between gang members and Toni. It is also revealed that Wayne had abused Maria which would prompt Toni to retaliate and kill him. Later after Maria overdoses she has Toni drive to Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts, an old haunt if Wayne's, thinking the cure would be there.

The gang is believed to be on very-bad terms with the Avenging Angels, which leads many people to believe that the Avenging Angels are the Liberty City Bikers main-rivals. During the Avenging Angels missions, Toni is required to kill many groups of Liberty City Biker gang members. In some bike races one of the competitors is a member of the LC Bikers. By 2001, the setting of Grand Theft Auto III, it appears the gang has in fact been wiped out due to the ban on motorcycles, and the numerous deaths of many bikers throughout the story.

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