Liberty Tree Building

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Liberty Tree Building
The exterior of the Liberty Tree Building.
Location: Bedford Point, Staunton Island
Use: Offices

The Liberty Tree Building is a building in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, located in Bedford Point, Staunton Island, Liberty City. The Liberty Tree Building takes the appearance of a tall, white skyscraper with several windows and garages. The Liberty Tree newspaper is based in and printed in this building. On the ground floor, outide the building, there are several garages where vehicles are stored. Judging from the mission Stop the Press, Liberty Tree photos are processed in the garages.

Role in missions


In the Kingdom Come mission, this is the main stage, where Claude should pick up an Esperanto located in the parking lot, but this is a trap, as terrorists with bombs begin blocking out the entries in the parking their cars. After completing all the mission ends.

GTA Liberty City Stories

The Liberty Tree Building makes a minor appearance in the mission Stop the Press. In this mission, Toni Cipriani, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, under orders from Donald Love, goes to one of the garages in the Liberty Tree Building to destroy photos of Toni killing Love's former mentor Avery Carrington, as Ned Burner, a reporter for the Liberty Tree, witnessed and took photos of the event. Toni searches for the photos, and accidently picks up a camera, which flashes in his face, briefly blinding Toni and giving Ned a window of time to escape on a Faggio. Toni then gets into a vehicle, chases Ned and kills him.

Minor missions

Another mission where it appears is L.C. Confidential, but only at the end where Toni has to carry documents that robbery, the building. Also in the mission The Passion of the Heist, just at the end Toni should deliver some diamonds recovered