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Lifeinvader is an online social networking service in Grand Theft Auto V based on Facebook. The service allows users to update their status and share photos and videos, while also featuring advertisements and memes. It is unknown how, if at all, interactive the site will be to the player. Lifeinvader is advertised in a pre-release advertisement. Its ingame and real-life URL is


Lifeinvader also offers a branded tablet, similar to the real-life, Facebook-branded HTC ChaCha smartphone. This tablet features a FLEECA card slot and a phallic power-supply port. It is advertised under the slogan "It's time to dock!", referencing the homosexual act.

Known Users


  • The name is a reference to the pervasive/invasive nature of Facebook
  • The first known meme on the site is an advice animal reading: "TRANNY PIG - IS WATCHING YOU POOP"