Local Liquor Store

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Local Liquor Store
Catalina shoots a bandit off his Quad as the others drive off with briefcases of cash from the liquor store

Catalina shoots a bandit off his Quad as the others drive off with briefcases of cash from the liquor store
Game GTA San Andreas
For Catalina
Target Money
Location Blueberry, Red County
Reward $1000
Unlocked by First Date

Local Liquor Store is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in which Carl Johnson attempts another robbery with his crime partner, Catalina.


Carl and Catalina arrive at the liquor store, but another group of criminals beat them there and take the money from the store. Carl and Catalina give chase. Carl will be on a Quad which has been taken from one of the four bandits, and you have to chase the other three bandits in order to take the money. Be careful though, as the Quad is wobbly at times, but is a good off-road vehicle. Follow them, and either let Catalina kill them, or help her out by shooting forward your SMG. Once you have killed a bandit, he may drop a briefcase, but continue pursuing the other bandits and get back on the briefcase later. Continue killing them while on your Quad. Once you have killed all, collect the two briefcases dropped by two bandits, and make your way back to Catalina's Hideout in Fern Ridge.


(CJ and Catalina are outside a liquor store.)

Catalina: This place will be a walk in the park!

CJ: You mean like the last place?

(Four men pull up on quad-bikes.)

Catalina: Who are these cowboy assholes?

CJ: Hang back a while, see what's what.

(The four men hold-up the liquor store and steal the cash.)

Man 1: We got the cash, let's get outta here!

Catalina: Those maricon bastards have our money!

(The men ride away on their quad-bikes.)

Catalina: THAT'S MY MONEY!

(Catalina shoots one of the men off their quad-bike.)

Catalina: Bleed, stupid mother-fucker! Carl, you drive, I'll shoot!

(CJ and Catalina hop onto the quad-bike.)

(CJ and Catalina are outside Catalina's house.)

Catalina: See you soon, handsome. Next time, we play REALLY rough.

CJ: Yeah, that's cool. But we can also play for some real money. I got some money to... well, it's a long story, but I need some serious paper, fast.

Catalina: You come and see me again soon. We rob a real bank.


The reward is $1000.


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