Los Santos Riots

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File:Los Santos Riots3.jpg
Riot as seen from Grove Street

The Los Santos Riots took place over some of the last days of 1992. A major event in the Grand Theft Auto series, the riots started because of the acquittal of Officer Frank Tenpenny.


The Riots Start

On Tenpenny's court date, he was found Not Guilty of all of his charges, including corruption and the murder of Officer Ralph Pendulbury. The public was outraged, fighting, burning cars and buildings, looting houses and stores, and just going completely berzerk. Gangs also took this as an opportunity to fight over turf, as the Police had their hands full.

The Riots End

Carl Johnson was seen heading into Big Smoke's Crack Palace on the day the riots ended. He went inside, killing all of Smoke's goons and then Smoke himself. Tenpenny was seen leaving the building, getting into a Firetruck. He and another officer drove off. Sean Johnson grabbed onto the firetruck, and Carl pursued them in a white convertible. Sean was knocked off the truck, but Carl caught him. The chase went across Los Santos. Tenpenny was killed when the firetruck crashed onto the cul-de-sac in Ganton, Los Santos. Upon hearing this news, the public ended the riots.


In the end, Smoke and Tenpenny were killed, and the Crack Palace was destroyed. Countless casualties and property damage were also paid. The riots were the largest in the Grand Theft Auto series to date.