Los Sepulcros

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Los Sepulcros
Carl Johnson, Sweet and members of the Grove Street Families discussing the funeral of a high ranking Ballas member

Carl Johnson, Sweet and members of the Grove Street Families discussing the funeral of a high ranking Ballas member
Game GTA San Andreas
For Sweet
Target Kane
Location Ganton, Los Santos
Reward Respect
Unlocks Reuniting the Families
Unlocked by Doberman

Los Sepulcros is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by his brother Sweet from his house in Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas. You can only do this mission between the hours of 09:00 to 17:00.


The Ballas are holding a funeral for Little Weasel (whom you killed during Doberman), and, according to Sweet, all of the Ballas OG's are going to be there. Carl recruits some gang members to assist them, and they race to the cemetery before the funeral starts. Once there, Sweet and the gang members will hop over the wall and tell Carl that it is clear, so Carl follows. A cutscene will show Kane getting out of his car wearing body armor. Carl kills Kane and the Ballas protecting him. Once Kane is dead, Sweet, Carl, and the surviving Grove Street Family members drive back to Grove Street.


Sweet: Carl, whassup, baby brother?
Carl Johnson: What's happening.

Sweet: Peep this - Tenpenny just came by. Said that one of the Ballas that you and Smoke laid out, Little Weasel, is getting buried. And all of the OG's gonna be there.

Carl Johnson: At a funeral?

Sweet: Yeah, we just catch all those ball-sack-ass-niggas at one time!

Carl Johnson: At a funeral.

Sweet: Just like Momma's. Let's go pop these motherfuckers out. Hey, look, we gotta do something real big. Put Grove Street on the map for good. 4 life!

Carl Johnson: A'ight, nigga. Let's roll.

(In front of Sweet's home.)

Sweet: We're gonna need some allies.

(CJ recruits two Grove Street gang member, then gets into the car.)

Sweet: We'll go around back of Los Sepulcros and sneak over the wall.

Carl Johnson: Kane? Ain't that cat front yard royalty?

Sweet: Yeah, so if there's a hint of trouble, he's a no-show.

(CJ drives Sweet and the GSF member to the cemetery.)

Sweet: This is it.

(Sweet and the two GSF members climb over the wall to the cemetery.)

Sweet: OK, CJ, come on over!

(CJ climbs the wall and approaches Sweet.)

Sweet: Y'all take up positions, and wait for Kane.

(The team wait for a while until Kane arrives.)

Sweet: Here he comes...

(Kane exits his car.)

Sweet: Looks like that buster's wearing armor. Might take a round or two to drop his ass. OK, CJ, you take Kane, and we'll take the rest of these fools out.

(CJ kills Kane.)

Sweet: Nice one, CJ! I'll get us a getaway car, you guys take out the rest of those Ballas!

(CJ kills the remaining Ballas and goes to the getaway car.)

Sweet: OK, everybody in, let's roll!

(CJ drives Sweet and his men home.)

Sweet: Man, we was a force back there. Everybody go home, stay low, we ain't see each other all day, copy? I'll catch you later, Carl.


  • In the opening cutscene, when the GSF members assemble behind Sweet and CJ, a bald member with a goatee and a dark green coat can be seen. Aside from a second appearance in The Green Sabre, he cannot be seen anywhere else in the game. This could be an unused gang member model.
  • If the player does not kill Kane fast enough, a Greenwood picks him up and you have to chase him down. The Greenwood has a unique black paintjob, with a turquoise roof. so you may consider storing it in a garage.
  • An easy way to kill Kane is to just make a mad dash for the Admiral and run him over, then use the same Admiral as cover to gun the rest of the Ballas down.
  • The Ballas are seen driving an Admiral in this mission, which is unusual because they usually drive the Tahoma as their people-carrier. This may be because Kane is a high ranking member of the Ballas, according to CJ.
  • Sweet mentions in the first cutscene, 'that one of the Ballas that you and Smoke laid out'. But Big Smoke is absent in the mission Doberman. Since Doberman was changed before release, it possible the dialogue wasn't updated to reflect it.
  • This mission is very different compared to other missions. If the player crashes Sweet's Greenwood to the point where it's on fire, then the player will fail the mission saying "Sweet's vehicle is ablaze and he's too smart to get back in," even if the player fixes the car via cheats, the mission will still fail. This is the only mission in which this happens.
  • "Los Sepulcros" is Spanish for "The Tombs"


If the black Greenwood arrives, and you kill Kane before reaching the car and killing all the Ballas, once you head back to Grove Street, Sweet will not say anything, and the game will stay stuck in cutscene mode, and the player will receive the text, Kane is making a dash for that car. To prevent this glitch, simply kill Kane before the car comes, or destroy the Greenwood.


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