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Curtis Cray
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Curtis Cray
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 2013
Nationality [[African-American|African-American]]
Home Los Santos
Vehicles Seashark
Voiced by J. Wells

Curtis Cray, also known as MC Clip, is a character in the HD Universe appearing in Grand Theft Auto V as a rapper.


Cray, referred to as MC Clip, is a famous rapper based in Los Santos, San Andreas. He appears to be criticized for being a "fake" rapper, as described by Tavell Clinton.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

MC Clip is first mentioned on the cover of West Coast Classics Magazine, as he was recently interviewed by them. He states that he intends on stopping war, and recalls his recent 3 hour concert in Los Santos.

He then appears during the mission Hood Safari, in which he is found in the Los Santos Canal with many bikini-clad women filming a music video. Trevor Philips, along with Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis, hold MC Clip and his associates hostage for a brief moment before stealing three Seasharks owned by MC Clip.

Mission appearance


MC Clip in Los Santos Storm Drain.
  • After completing Hood Safari, Weazel News will announce that MC Clip was killed in the firefight between the Families and the Ballas, even if the player chose not to kill him. Despite this, he still posts on Bleeter, complaining of "hoods" stealing his Seasharks.
  • If Franklin visits Ammu-nation Melvin tells Franklin that he loves MC Clip.