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Image:Maccer-GTASA2.png|The censored animation of Maccer urinating.
File:Maccer-GTASA2.png|The censored animation of Maccer urinating.
Maccer-GTASA-artwork.jpg|Concept art for Maccer from GTA San Andreas.
File:Maccer-Artwork.jpg|Concept art for Maccer from GTA San Andreas.

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Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]
Full Name Maccer
Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Salford, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Home Vinewood, Los Santos
Main Affiliations
Carl Johnson
Ken Rosenberg
Kent Paul
Gurning Chimps
Madd Dogg
Businesses The Gurning Chimps
Voiced by Shaun Ryder

Maccer (born 1965[1] in Salford, England)[1] is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as a minor character. Maccer is the lead singer of the Gurning Chimps and is on his first tour of America. Shaun Ryder voiced Maccer.[2]

Recording artist, hedonist, pleasure seeker in so many ways, Maccer has personified the Manchester scene for years.

Born in Salford in 1965, Maccer made partying into a lifestyle, and hard partying into a religion. He invented the musical style that became known as EXTREMELY BAGGY. There isn't a drug he hasn't tried, a form of self abuse he has not practiced and a musical taboo he has not broken. With The Gurning Chimps he took the sound of Manchester to the world. The world did not know what had hit it. For years, Maccer and the rest of The Chimps, under the careful stewardship of notorious manager Pabsy (whatever happened to him?) toured the world, leaving a trail of destruction, stains and mayhem wherever they went. Kent Paul became his manager and off they went to America, San Andreas where they meet Carl Johnson and get into trouble with the mafia in Las Venturas. It is rumored that he once got into a fight with Madd Dogg when Maccer gave him a used tissue, but he turned away this rumor, stating they were good friends, which at least by the end of GTA: San Andreas was true.

After the events of San Andreas, Maccer found the other members of the Gurning Chimps and carried on with a world tour. He was later banned from Australia[3] and went into rehab, using the Epsilon Program.[3] Maccer’s career was effectively stopped during this period due to a series of legal battles, including one lasting seven years,[4] limiting the use of songs by the Gurning Chimps. In 2004, Maccer began planning a come back tour.[5]

Mission appearances

GTA San Andreas



  • During the mission Don Peyote if the player waits long enough Maccer will say he has to use the bathroom, and will then get out and urinate. A small animation will be shown before he gets back in the car.
  • According to a cut line, Paul says that Maccer is priapic; a syndrome where an erection lasts for several hours, or even days. This condition is actually very painful and if the blood making the erection doesn't flow back into the body it will stagnate and make matters worse. But it could be just Paul insulting Maccer, as he has a fetish for big breasts and he masturbates a lot, which makes it seem that he always have an erection. Priapism can be very common with individuals who have done narcotics such as Cocaine and other blood pressure raising drugs like it.