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Maccer (born 1965[1] in Salford, England)[1] is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as a minor character. Maccer is the lead singer of the Gurning Chimps and is on his first tour of America. Shaun Ryder voiced Maccer.[2]

Little is known about Maccer’s early life, except that he ‘made partying into a religion’ and ‘invented the musical style that became known as EXTREMELY BAGGY’. [1] Maccer had also found himself under arrest numerous times for indecent exposure, caused by his constant masturbation. Maccer began a tour of America, starting in San Andreas in 1992 under the management of Kent Paul. However, high on drugs, Maccer and Paul lose the other members of the Gurning Chimps in the desert west of Las Venturas, were rescued by Carl Johnson.[3] The pair then began to stay at the Caligula's Palace casino with Paul’s old acquaintance, Ken Rosenberg. Eventually, Maccer is hanged upside down, with Salvatore and Maria throwing knives toward him. Carl Johnson helps Maccer, Kent Paul and Ken Rosenberg escape from the grasp of Salvatore Leone. Maccer is later seen in Madd Dogg’s home and later announces he wants breast implants.

After the events of San Andreas, Maccer found the other members of the Gurning Chimps and carried on with a world tour. He was later banned from Australia[4] and went into rehab, using the Epsilon program.[4] Maccer’s career was effectively stopped during this period due to a series of legal battles, including one lasting seven years,[5] limiting the use of songs by the Gurning Chimps. In 2004, Maccer began planning a come back tour.[6]


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