Meadow Hills

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File:Meadow Hills (GTA4) (northeastwards).jpg
Meadow Hills, as iewed to the northeast. The Lynch Street station is visible in the foreground; buildings from west Willis, which also feature Meadow Hills' architecture of choice, are also seen in the background to the right.

Meadow Hills is a three-block residential neighborhood located in central Dukes, Liberty City. It is bordered by Tudor Street to the north and Stillwater Avenue to the west (Meadows Park); Lynch Street to the south (Beechwood City); and Seymour Avenue to the east (Willis).


Meadow Hills features a plethora of Tudor architecture, as it is based off New York City's Forest Hills neighborhood. The density of homes in Meadow Hills' increases from north to south, from single cottages and semi-detached homes to the north, to multi-storey apartments to the south. Meadow Hills' main shopping drag is in the southern part of the neighborhood, along the Savannah Avenue side of Station Square.


The Liberty City Subway has a station in Station Square, the main entrance being at the Seymour Avenue-Savannah Avenue intersection (at the Willis border) and Lynch Street.