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/* Default styling for HTML elements */dfn {    font-style: inherit;  /* Reset default styling for <dfn> */}sup, sub {    line-height: 1em;     /* Reduce line-height for <sup> and <sub> */} /* Main page fixes */#interwiki-completelist {    font-weight: bold;} #ca-delete {    display: none !important;} #mp-topbanner {    clear: both;} /* Edit window toolbar */#toolbar {    height: 22px;    margin-bottom: 6px;} /* Highlight data points in the info action if specified in the URL */body.action-info :target {    background: #DEF;} /* Make the list of references smaller */ol.references,div.reflist,div.refbegin {    font-size: 90%;            /* Default font-size */    margin-bottom: 0.5em;}div.refbegin-100 {    font-size: 100%;           /* Option for normal fontsize in {{refbegin}} */}div.reflist ol.references {    font-size: 100%;           /* Reset font-size when nested in div.reflist */    list-style-type: inherit;  /* Enable custom list style types */} /* Highlight clicked reference in blue to help navigation */ol.references li:target,sup.reference:target,span.citation:target {    background-color: #DEF;} /* Ensure refs in table headers and the like aren't bold or italic */sup.reference {    font-weight: normal;    font-style: normal;} /* Allow hidden ref errors to be shown by user CSS */span.brokenref {    display: none;} /* Styling for citations (CSS3). Breaks long urls, etc., rather than overflowing box */.citation {    word-wrap: break-word;} /* For linked citation numbers and document IDs, where   the number need not be shown on a screen or a handheld,   but should be included in the printed version */@media screen, handheld {    .citation *.printonly {        display: none;    }} /* Style for [[Template:Flowlist]] that Lets lists flow around floating objecs */.flowlist ul {    overflow-x: hidden;    margin-left: 0em;    padding-left: 1.6em;}.flowlist ol {    overflow-x: hidden;    margin-left: 0em;    padding-left: 3.2em;}.flowlist dl {    overflow-x: hidden;} /* Style for horizontal lists (separator following item).   Note: hlist formatting will break if the resulting HTML lacks a breakable character   between list items. This happens when the following conditions are true:   1) The list is made using wiki markup (where HTML is built by parser.php)   2) HTMLTidy is disabled or unavailable (such as on Special: pages)   In such cases, building lists with .hlist using HTML instead of wiki markup   will work around this problem. See also [[Bugzilla:39617]].   IE8-specific classes are assigned in [[MediaWiki:Common.js/IEFixes.js]].   Last updated: January 24, 2013   @source   @maintainer: [[User:Edokter]]   @revision: 3.1*/.skin-monobook .hlist dl,.skin-modern .hlist dl,.skin-vector .hlist dl {    line-height: 1.5em;}.hlist dl,.hlist ol,.hlist ul {    margin: 0;    padding: 0;}/* Display list items inline and make them nowrap */.hlist dd,.hlist dt,.hlist li {    margin: 0;    display: inline;    white-space: nowrap;}/* Allow wrapping for list items (in tight spaces) */.hlist.hwrap dd,.hlist.hwrap dt,.hlist.hwrap li {    white-space: normal;}/* Display nested lists inline and allow them to wrap */.hlist dl dl, .hlist dl ol, .hlist dl ul,.hlist ol dl, .hlist ol ol, .hlist ol ul,.hlist ul dl, .hlist ul ol, .hlist ul ul {    display: inline;    white-space: normal;}/* Generate interpuncts */.hlist dt:after {    content: ":";}.hlist dd:after,.hlist li:after {    content: " ·";    font-weight: bold;}.hlist dd:last-child:after,.hlist dt:last-child:after,.hlist li:last-child:after {    content: none;}/* For IE8 */.hlist dd.hlist-last-child:after,.hlist dt.hlist-last-child:after,.hlist li.hlist-last-child:after {    content: none;}/* Add parentheses around nested lists */.hlist dd dd:first-child:before, .hlist dd dt:first-child:before, .hlist dd li:first-child:before,.hlist dt dd:first-child:before, .hlist dt dt:first-child:before, .hlist dt li:first-child:before,.hlist li dd:first-child:before, .hlist li dt:first-child:before, .hlist li li:first-child:before {    content: "(";    font-weight: normal;}.hlist dd dd:last-child:after, .hlist dd dt:last-child:after, .hlist dd li:last-child:after,.hlist dt dd:last-child:after, .hlist dt dt:last-child:after, .hlist dt li:last-child:after,.hlist li dd:last-child:after, .hlist li dt:last-child:after, .hlist li li:last-child:after {    content: ")";    font-weight: normal;}/* For IE8 */.hlist dd dd.hlist-last-child:after, .hlist dd dt.hlist-last-child:after, .hlist dd li.hlist-last-child:after,.hlist dt dd.hlist-last-child:after, .hlist dt dt.hlist-last-child:after, .hlist dt li.hlist-last-child:after,.hlist li dd.hlist-last-child:after, .hlist li dt.hlist-last-child:after, .hlist li li.hlist-last-child:after {    content: ")";    font-weight: normal;}/* Put numbers in front of ordered list items */.hlist.hnum ol {    counter-reset: list-item;}.hlist.hnum ol > li {    counter-increment: list-item;}.hlist.hnum ol > li:before {    content: counter(list-item) " ";}.hlist.hnum dd ol > li:first-child:before,.hlist.hnum dt ol > li:first-child:before,.hlist.hnum li ol > li:first-child:before {    content: "(" counter(list-item) " ";} /* Unbulleted lists */.plainlist ul {    line-height: inherit;    list-style: none none;    margin: 0;}.plainlist ul li {    margin-bottom: 0;} /* Default style for navigation boxes */.navbox {                     /* Navbox container style */    border: 1px solid #aaa;    width: 100%;    margin: auto;    clear: both;    font-size: 88%;    text-align: center;    padding: 1px;}.navbox-inner,.navbox-subgroup {    width: 100%;}.navbox-group,.navbox-title,.navbox-abovebelow {    padding: 0.25em 1em;      /* Title, group and above/below styles */    line-height: 1.5em;    text-align: center;}th.navbox-group {             /* Group style */    white-space: nowrap;    /* @noflip */    text-align: right;}.navbox,.navbox-subgroup {    background: #fdfdfd;      /* Background color */}.navbox-list {    line-height: 1.8em;    border-color: #fdfdfd;    /* Must match background color */}.navbox th,.navbox-title {    background: #ccccff;      /* Level 1 color */}.navbox-abovebelow,th.navbox-group,.navbox-subgroup .navbox-title {    background: #ddddff;      /* Level 2 color */}.navbox-subgroup .navbox-group,.navbox-subgroup .navbox-abovebelow {    background: #e6e6ff;      /* Level 3 color */}.navbox-even {    background: #f7f7f7;      /* Even row striping */}.navbox-odd {    background: transparent;  /* Odd row striping */}table.navbox + table.navbox {  /* Single pixel border between adjacent navboxes */    margin-top: -1px;          /* (doesn't work for IE6, but that's okay)       */}.navbox .hlist td dl,.navbox .hlist td ol,.navbox .hlist td ul,.navbox td.hlist dl,.navbox td.hlist ol,.navbox td.hlist ul {    padding: 0.125em 0;       /* Adjust hlist padding in navboxes */}ol + table.navbox,ul + table.navbox {    margin-top: 0.5em;        /* Prevent lists from clinging to navboxes */} /* Default styling for Navbar template */.navbar {    display: inline;    font-size: 88%;    font-weight: normal;}.navbar ul {    display: inline;    white-space: nowrap;}.navbar li {    word-spacing: -0.125em;} li span {  font-variant: small-caps;}/* Navbar styling when nested in infobox and navbox */.infobox .navbar {    font-size: 100%;}.navbox .navbar {    display: block;    font-size: 100%;}.navbox-title .navbar {    /* @noflip */    float: left;    /* @noflip */    text-align: left;    /* @noflip */    margin-right: 0.5em;    width: 6em;} /* 'show'/'hide' buttons created dynamically by the CollapsibleTables javascript   in [[MediaWiki:Common.js]] are styled here so they can be customised. */.collapseButton {    /* @noflip */    float: right;    font-weight: normal;    /* @noflip */    margin-left: 0.5em;    /* @noflip */    text-align: right;    width: auto;}/* In navboxes, the show/hide button balances the v·d·e links   from [[Template:Navbar]], so they need to be the same width. */.navbox .collapseButton {    width: 6em;} /* Styling for JQuery makeCollapsible, matching that of collapseButton */.mw-collapsible-toggle {    font-weight: normal;    /* @noflip */    text-align: right;}.navbox .mw-collapsible-toggle {    width: 6em;} /* Infobox template style */.infobox {    border: 1px solid #aaa;    background-color: #f9f9f9;    color: black;    /* @noflip */    margin: 0.5em 0 0.5em 1em;    padding: 0.2em;    /* @noflip */    float: right;    /* @noflip */    clear: right;    /* @noflip */    text-align: left;    font-size: 88%;    line-height: 1.5em;}.infobox caption {    font-size: 125%;    font-weight: bold;}.infobox td,.infobox th {    vertical-align: top;}.infobox.bordered {    border-collapse: collapse;}.infobox.bordered td,.infobox.bordered th {    border: 1px solid #aaa;}.infobox.bordered .borderless td,.infobox.bordered .borderless th {    border: 0;} .infobox.sisterproject {    width: 20em;    font-size: 90%;} .infobox.standard-talk {    border: 1px solid #c0c090;    background-color: #f8eaba;}.infobox.standard-talk.bordered td,.infobox.standard-talk.bordered th {    border: 1px solid #c0c090;} /* styles for bordered infobox with merged rows */.infobox.bordered .mergedtoprow td,.infobox.bordered .mergedtoprow th {    border: 0;    border-top: 1px solid #aaa;    /* @noflip */    border-right: 1px solid #aaa;} .infobox.bordered .mergedrow td,.infobox.bordered .mergedrow th {    border: 0;    /* @noflip */    border-right: 1px solid #aaa;} /* Styles for geography infoboxes, eg countries,   country subdivisions, cities, etc.            */.infobox.geography {    border-collapse: collapse;    line-height: 1.2em;    font-size: 90%;} .infobox.geography  td,.infobox.geography  th {    border-top: 1px solid #aaa;    padding: 0.4em 0.6em 0.4em 0.6em;}.infobox.geography .mergedtoprow td,.infobox.geography .mergedtoprow th {    border-top: 1px solid #aaa;    padding: 0.4em 0.6em 0.2em 0.6em;} .infobox.geography .mergedrow td,.infobox.geography .mergedrow th {    border: 0;    padding: 0 0.6em 0.2em 0.6em;} .infobox.geography .mergedbottomrow td,.infobox.geography .mergedbottomrow th {    border-top: 0;    border-bottom: 1px solid #aaa;    padding: 0 0.6em 0.4em 0.6em;} .infobox.geography .maptable td,.infobox.geography .maptable th {    border: 0;    padding: 0;} /* Normal font styling for table row headers with scope="row" tag */.wikitable.plainrowheaders th[scope=row] {    font-weight: normal;    /* @noflip */    text-align: left;} /* Lists in data cells are always left-aligned */.wikitable td ul,.wikitable td ol,.wikitable td dl {    /* @noflip */    text-align: left;}/* ...unless they also use the hlist class */.wikitable.hlist td ul,.wikitable.hlist td ol,.wikitable.hlist td dl {    text-align: inherit;} /* Icons for medialist templates [[Template:Listen]],   [[Template:Multi-listen_start]], [[Template:Video]],   [[Template:Multi-video_start]] */div.listenlist {    background: url("//");    /* @noflip */    padding-left: 40px;} /* Fix for hieroglyphs specificality issue in infoboxes ([[Bugzilla:41869]]) */ td {    vertical-align: middle;} /* Style rules for media list templates */div.medialist {    min-height: 50px;    margin: 1em;    /* @noflip */    background-position: top left;    background-repeat: no-repeat;}div.medialist ul {    list-style-type: none;    list-style-image: none;    margin: 0;}div.medialist ul li {    padding-bottom: 0.5em;}div.medialist ul li li {    font-size: 91%;    padding-bottom: 0;} /* Change the external link icon to an Adobe icon for all PDF files   in browsers that support these CSS selectors, like Mozilla and Opera */div#content a[href$=".pdf"].external,div#content a[href*=".pdf?"].external,div#content a[href*=".pdf#"].external,div#content a[href$=".PDF"].external,div#content a[href*=".PDF?"].external,div#content a[href*=".PDF#"].external,div#mw_content a[href$=".pdf"].external,div#mw_content a[href*=".pdf?"].external,div#mw_content a[href*=".pdf#"].external,div#mw_content a[href$=".PDF"].external,div#mw_content a[href*=".PDF?"].external,div#mw_content a[href*=".PDF#"].external {    background: url("//") no-repeat right;    /* @noflip */    padding-right: 18px;} /* Change the external link icon to an Adobe icon anywhere the PDFlink class   is used (notably Template:PDFlink). This works in IE, unlike the above. */div#content span.PDFlink a,div#mw_content span.PDFlink a {    background: url("//") no-repeat right;    /* @noflip */    padding-right: 18px;} /* Content in columns with CSS instead of tables [[Template:Columns]] */div.columns-2 div.column {    /* @noflip */    float: left;    width: 50%;    min-width: 300px;}div.columns-3 div.column {    /* @noflip */    float: left;    width: 33.3%;    min-width: 200px;}div.columns-4 div.column {    /* @noflip */    float: left;    width: 25%;    min-width: 150px;}div.columns-5 div.column {    /* @noflip */    float: left;    width: 20%;    min-width: 120px;} /* Messagebox templates */.messagebox {    border: 1px solid #aaa;    background-color: #f9f9f9;    width: 80%;    margin: 0 auto 1em auto;    padding: .2em;}.messagebox.merge {    border: 1px solid #c0b8cc;    background-color: #f0e5ff;    text-align: center;}.messagebox.cleanup {    border: 1px solid #9f9fff;    background-color: #efefff;    text-align: center;}.messagebox.standard-talk {    border: 1px solid #c0c090;    background-color: #f8eaba;    margin: 4px auto;}/* For old WikiProject banners inside banner shells. */.mbox-inside .standard-talk,.messagebox.nested-talk {    border: 1px solid #c0c090;    background-color: #f8eaba;    width: 100%;    margin: 2px 0;    padding: 2px;}.messagebox.small {    width: 238px;    font-size: 85%;    /* @noflip */    float: right;    clear: both;    /* @noflip */    margin: 0 0 1em 1em;    line-height: 1.25em;}.messagebox.small-talk {    width: 238px;    font-size: 85%;    /* @noflip */    float: right;    clear: both;    /* @noflip */    margin: 0 0 1em 1em;    line-height: 1.25em;    background: #F8EABA;} /* Cell sizes for ambox/tmbox/imbox/cmbox/ombox/fmbox/dmbox message boxes */th.mbox-text, td.mbox-text {   /* The message body cell(s) */    border: none;    /* @noflip */    padding: 0.25em 0.9em;     /* 0.9em left/right */    width: 100%;               /* Make all mboxes the same width regardless of text length */}td.mbox-image {                /* The left image cell */    border: none;    /* @noflip */    padding: 2px 0 2px 0.9em;  /* 0.9em left, 0px right */    text-align: center;}td.mbox-imageright {           /* The right image cell */    border: none;    /* @noflip */    padding: 2px 0.9em 2px 0;  /* 0px left, 0.9em right */    text-align: center;}td.mbox-empty-cell {           /* An empty narrow cell */    border: none;    padding: 0px;    width: 1px;} /* Article message box styles */table.ambox {    margin: 0px 10%;                  /* 10% = Will not overlap with other elements */    border: 1px solid #aaa;    /* @noflip */    border-left: 10px solid #1e90ff;  /* Default "notice" blue */    background: #fbfbfb;}table.ambox + table.ambox {      /* Single border between stacked boxes. */    margin-top: -1px;}.ambox th.mbox-text,.ambox td.mbox-text {            /* The message body cell(s) */    padding: 0.25em 0.5em;       /* 0.5em left/right */}.ambox td.mbox-image {           /* The left image cell */    /* @noflip */    padding: 2px 0 2px 0.5em;    /* 0.5em left, 0px right */}.ambox td.mbox-imageright {      /* The right image cell */    /* @noflip */    padding: 2px 0.5em 2px 0;    /* 0px left, 0.5em right */} table.ambox-notice {    /* @noflip */    border-left: 10px solid #1e90ff;    /* Blue */}table.ambox-speedy {    /* @noflip */    border-left: 10px solid #b22222;    /* Red */    background: #fee;                   /* Pink */}table.ambox-delete {    /* @noflip */    border-left: 10px solid #b22222;    /* Red */}table.ambox-content {    /* @noflip */    border-left: 10px solid #f28500;    /* Orange */}table.ambox-style {    /* @noflip */    border-left: 10px solid #f4c430;    /* Yellow */}table.ambox-move {    /* @noflip */    border-left: 10px solid #9932cc;    /* Purple */}table.ambox-protection {    /* @noflip */    border-left: 10px solid #bba;       /* Gray-gold */} /* Image message box styles */table.imbox {    margin: 4px 10%;    border-collapse: collapse;    border: 3px solid #1e90ff;    /* Default "notice" blue */    background: #fbfbfb;}.imbox .mbox-text .imbox {  /* For imboxes inside imbox-text cells. */    margin: 0 -0.5em;       /* 0.9 - 0.5 = 0.4em left/right.        */    display: block;         /* Fix for webkit to force 100% width.  */}.mbox-inside .imbox {       /* For imboxes inside other templates.  */    margin: 4px;} table.imbox-notice {    border: 3px solid #1e90ff;    /* Blue */}table.imbox-speedy {    border: 3px solid #b22222;    /* Red */    background: #fee;             /* Pink */}table.imbox-delete {    border: 3px solid #b22222;    /* Red */}table.imbox-content {    border: 3px solid #f28500;    /* Orange */}table.imbox-style {    border: 3px solid #f4c430;    /* Yellow */}table.imbox-move {    border: 3px solid #9932cc;    /* Purple */}table.imbox-protection {    border: 3px solid #bba;       /* Gray-gold */}table.imbox-license {    border: 3px solid #88a;       /* Dark gray */    background: #f7f8ff;          /* Light gray */}table.imbox-featured {    border: 3px solid #cba135;    /* Brown-gold */} /* Category message box styles */table.cmbox {    margin: 3px 10%;    border-collapse: collapse;    border: 1px solid #aaa;    background: #DFE8FF;    /* Default "notice" blue */} table.cmbox-notice {    background: #D8E8FF;    /* Blue */}table.cmbox-speedy {    margin-top: 4px;    margin-bottom: 4px;    border: 4px solid #b22222;    /* Red */    background: #FFDBDB;          /* Pink */}table.cmbox-delete {    background: #FFDBDB;    /* Red */}table.cmbox-content {    background: #FFE7CE;    /* Orange */}table.cmbox-style {    background: #FFF9DB;    /* Yellow */}table.cmbox-move {    background: #E4D8FF;    /* Purple */}table.cmbox-protection {    background: #EFEFE1;    /* Gray-gold */} /* Other pages message box styles */table.ombox {    margin: 4px 10%;    border-collapse: collapse;    border: 1px solid #aaa;       /* Default "notice" gray */    background: #f9f9f9;} table.ombox-notice {    border: 1px solid #aaa;       /* Gray */}table.ombox-speedy {    border: 2px solid #b22222;    /* Red */    background: #fee;             /* Pink */}table.ombox-delete {    border: 2px solid #b22222;    /* Red */}table.ombox-content {    border: 1px solid #f28500;    /* Orange */}table.ombox-style {    border: 1px solid #f4c430;    /* Yellow */}table.ombox-move {    border: 1px solid #9932cc;    /* Purple */}table.ombox-protection {    border: 2px solid #bba;       /* Gray-gold */} /* Talk page message box styles */table.tmbox {    margin: 4px 10%;    border-collapse: collapse;    border: 1px solid #c0c090;    /* Default "notice" gray-brown */    background: #f8eaba;}.mediawiki .mbox-inside .tmbox { /* For tmboxes inside other templates. The "mediawiki" class ensures that */    margin: 2px 0;               /* this declaration overrides other styles (including mbox-small above)   */    width: 100%;                 /* For Safari and Opera */}.mbox-inside .tmbox.mbox-small { /* "small" tmboxes should not be small when  */    line-height: 1.5em;          /* also "nested", so reset styles that are   */    font-size: 100%;             /* set in "mbox-small" above.                */} table.tmbox-speedy {    border: 2px solid #b22222;    /* Red */    background: #fee;             /* Pink */}table.tmbox-delete {    border: 2px solid #b22222;    /* Red */}table.tmbox-content {    border: 2px solid #f28500;    /* Orange */}table.tmbox-style {    border: 2px solid #f4c430;    /* Yellow */}table.tmbox-move {    border: 2px solid #9932cc;    /* Purple */}table.tmbox-protection,table.tmbox-notice {    border: 1px solid #c0c090;    /* Gray-brown */} /* Disambig and set index box styles */table.dmbox {    clear: both;    margin: 0.9em 1em;    border-top: 1px solid #ccc;    border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc;    background: transparent;} /* Footer and header message box styles */table.fmbox {    clear: both;    margin: 0.2em 0;    width: 100%;    border: 1px solid #aaa;    background: #f9f9f9;     /* Default "system" gray */}table.fmbox-system {    background: #f9f9f9;}table.fmbox-warning {    border: 1px solid #bb7070;  /* Dark pink */    background: #ffdbdb;        /* Pink */}table.fmbox-editnotice {    background: transparent;}/* Div based "warning" style fmbox messages. */,,,div#mw-protect-cascadeon {    clear: both;    margin: 0.2em 0;    border: 1px solid #bb7070;    background: #ffdbdb;    padding: 0.25em 0.9em;}/* Div based "system" style fmbox messages.   Used in [[MediaWiki:Readonly lag]]. */,div.fmbox-system {    clear: both;    margin: 0.2em 0;    border: 1px solid #aaa;    background: #f9f9f9;    padding: 0.25em 0.9em;} /* These mbox-small classes must be placed after all other   ambox/tmbox/ombox etc classes. "body.mediawiki" is so   they override "table.ambox + table.ambox" above. */body.mediawiki table.mbox-small {   /* For the "small=yes" option. */    /* @noflip */    clear: right;    /* @noflip */    float: right;    /* @noflip */    margin: 4px 0 4px 1em;    width: 238px;    font-size: 88%;    line-height: 1.25em;}body.mediawiki table.mbox-small-left {   /* For the "small=left" option. */    /* @noflip */    margin: 4px 1em 4px 0;    width: 238px;    border-collapse: collapse;    font-size: 88%;    line-height: 1.25em;} /* Style for compact ambox *//* Hide the images */.compact-ambox table .mbox-image,.compact-ambox table .mbox-imageright,.compact-ambox table .mbox-empty-cell {    display: none;}/* Remove borders, backgrounds, padding, etc. */.compact-ambox table.ambox {    border: none;    border-collapse: collapse;    background: transparent;    margin: 0 0 0 1.6em !important;    padding: 0 !important;    width: auto;    display: block;}body.mediawiki .compact-ambox table.mbox-small-left {    font-size: 100%;    width: auto;    margin: 0;}/* Style the text cell as a list item and remove its padding */.compact-ambox table .mbox-text {    padding: 0 !important;    margin: 0 !important;}.compact-ambox table .mbox-text-span {    display: list-item;    line-height: 1.5em;    list-style-type: square;    list-style-image: url(//;}.skin-vector .compact-ambox table .mbox-text-span {    list-style-type: circle;    list-style-image: url(//}/* Allow for hiding text in compact form */.compact-ambox .hide-when-compact {    display: none;} /* Remove default styles for [[MediaWiki:Noarticletext]]. */div.noarticletext {    border: none;    background: transparent;    padding: 0;} /* Bold save button */#wpSave {    font-weight: bold;} /* class hiddenStructure is defunct. See [[Wikipedia:hiddenStructure]] */.hiddenStructure {    display: inline !important;    color: #f00;    background-color: #0f0;} /* suppress missing interwiki image links where #ifexist cannot   be used due to high number of requests see .hidden-redlink on   [[m:MediaWiki:Common.css]] */.check-icon {    display: none;    speak: none;} /* Removes underlines from certain links */.nounderlines a,.IPA a:link, .IPA a:visited {    text-decoration: none !important;} /* Standard Navigationsleisten, aka box hiding thingy   from .de.  Documentation at [[Wikipedia:NavFrame]]. */div.NavFrame {    margin: 0;    padding: 4px;    border: 1px solid #aaa;    text-align: center;    border-collapse: collapse;    font-size: 95%;}div.NavFrame + div.NavFrame {    border-top-style: none;    border-top-style: hidden;}div.NavPic {    background-color: #fff;    margin: 0;    padding: 2px;    /* @noflip */    float: left;}div.NavFrame div.NavHead {    height: 1.6em;    font-weight: bold;    background-color: #ccf;    position: relative;}div.NavFrame p,div.NavFrame div.NavContent,div.NavFrame div.NavContent p {    font-size: 100%;}div.NavEnd {    margin: 0;    padding: 0;    line-height: 1px;    clear: both;}a.NavToggle {    position: absolute;    top: 0;    /* @noflip */    right: 3px;    font-weight: normal;    font-size: 90%;} /* Hatnotes and disambiguation notices */.rellink,.dablink {    font-style: italic;    /* @noflip */    padding-left: 1.6em;    margin-bottom: 0.5em;}.rellink i,.dablink i {    font-style: normal;} /* Allow transcluded pages to display in lists rather than a table.   Compatible in Firefox; incompatible in IE6. */.listify td    { display: list-item; }.listify tr    { display: block; }.listify table { display: block; } /* Geographical coordinates defaults. See [[Template:Coord/link]]   for how these are used. The classes "geo", "longitude", and   "latitude" are used by the [[Geo microformat]]. */.geo-default, .geo-dms, .geo-dec  { display: inline; }.geo-nondefault, .geo-multi-punct { display: none; }.longitude, .latitude             { white-space: nowrap; } /* When <div class="nonumtoc"> is used on the table of contents,   the ToC will display without numbers */.nonumtoc .tocnumber { display: none; }.nonumtoc #toc ul,.nonumtoc .toc ul {    line-height: 1.5em;    list-style: none none;    margin: .3em 0 0;    padding: 0;}.nonumtoc #toc ul ul,.nonumtoc .toc ul ul {    /* @noflip */    margin: 0 0 0 2em;} /* Allow limiting of which header levels are shown in a TOC;   <div class="toclimit-3">, for instance, will limit to   showing ==headings== and ===headings=== but no further   (as long as there are no =headings= on the page, which   there shouldn't be according to the MoS). */.toclimit-2 .toclevel-1 ul,.toclimit-3 .toclevel-2 ul,.toclimit-4 .toclevel-3 ul,.toclimit-5 .toclevel-4 ul,.toclimit-6 .toclevel-5 ul,.toclimit-7 .toclevel-6 ul {    display: none;} /* Styling for Template:Quote */blockquote.templatequote {     margin-top: 0;}blockquote.templatequote div.templatequotecite {    line-height: 1em;    /* @noflip */    text-align: left;    /* @noflip */    padding-left: 2em;    margin-top: 0;}blockquote.templatequote div.templatequotecite cite {    font-size: 85%;} /* User block messages */div.user-block {    padding: 5px;    margin-bottom: 0.5em;    border: 1px solid #A9A9A9;    background-color: #FFEFD5;} /* Prevent line breaks in silly places:   1) Where desired   2) Links when we don't want them to   3) Bold "links" to the page itself   4) Ref tags with group names <ref group="Note"> --> "[Note 1]" */.nowrap,.nowraplinks a,.nowraplinks .selflink,sup.reference a {    white-space: nowrap;}/* But allow wrapping where desired: */.wrap,.wraplinks a {    white-space: normal;} /* For template documentation */.template-documentation {    clear: both;    margin: 1em 0 0 0;    border: 1px solid #aaa;    background-color: #ecfcf4;    padding: 1em;} /* Inline divs in ImageMaps (code borrowed from */.imagemap-inline div {    display: inline;} /* Increase the height of the image upload box */#wpUploadDescription {    height: 13em;} /* Minimum thumb width */.thumbinner {    min-width: 100px;} /* Makes the background of a framed image white instead of gray.   Only visible with transparent images. */div.thumb img.thumbimage {    background-color: #fff;} /* The backgrounds for galleries. */div#content .gallerybox div.thumb {    /* Light gray padding */    background-color: #F9F9F9;}/* Put a chequered background behind images, only visible if they have transparency.   '.filehistory a img' and '#file img:hover' are handled by MediaWiki core (as of 1.19) */.gallerybox .thumb img {    background: #fff url(// repeat;}/* But not on articles, user pages, portals or with opt-out. */.ns-0 .gallerybox .thumb img,.ns-2 .gallerybox .thumb img,.ns-100 .gallerybox .thumb img,.nochecker .gallerybox .thumb img {    background: #fff;} /* Category tree styling. Works in conjuction with [[MediaWiki:Categorytree-expand-bullet]],   [[MediaWiki:Categorytree-collapse-bullet]] and [[MediaWiki:Categorytree-empty-bullet]]. */#mw-subcategories ul {    list-style: none none;    margin-left: 0.25em;}.CategoryTreeChildren {    margin-left: 1.25em;} /* Prevent floating boxes from overlapping any category listings,   file histories, edit previews, and edit [Show changes] views. */#mw-subcategories, #mw-pages, #mw-category-media,#filehistory, #wikiPreview, #wikiDiff {    clear: both;} body.rtl #mw-articlefeedbackv5, body.rtl #mw-articlefeedback {    display: block;   /* Override inline block mode */    margin-bottom: 1em;    /* @noflip */    clear: right;     /* Clear any info boxes that stick out */    /* @noflip */    float: right;     /* Prevents margin collapsing */} /* Selectively hide headers in WikiProject banners */.wpb .wpb-header             { display: none; }.wpbs-inner .wpb .wpb-header { display: block; }     /* for IE */.wpbs-inner .wpb .wpb-header { display: table-row; } /* for real browsers */.wpbs-inner .wpb-outside     { display: none; }      /* hide things that should only display outside shells */ /* Styling for Abuse Filter tags */.mw-tag-markers {    font-family:sans-serif;    font-style:italic;    font-size:90%;} /* Hide stuff meant for accounts with special permissions. Made visible again in   [[MediaWiki:Group-sysop.css]] and [[MediaWiki:Group-accountcreator.css]]. */.sysop-show, .accountcreator-show {    display: none;} /** * Hide the redlink generated by {{Editnotice}}, * this overrides the ".sysop-show { display: none; }" above that applies * to the same link as well. */.ve-init-mw-viewPageTarget-toolbar-editNotices-notice .editnotice-redlink {    display: none !important;} /* Remove bullets when there are multiple edit page warnings */ul.permissions-errors > li {    list-style: none none;}ul.permissions-errors {    margin: 0;} /* No linewrap on the labels of the login/signup page */ .mw-label label, .mw-label label {    white-space: nowrap;} /* Disable the automatic text-size adjust of WebKit on iPhones etc.   It scales some text, and not the other. Use none, or fixed percentage instead.   Use media selector, because defining a value, overwrites platform defaults. */@media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) {    body {        -webkit-text-size-adjust: none;    }} /* Pie chart test: Transparent borders */.transborder {    border: solid transparent;}* html .transborder {  /* IE6 */    border: solid #000001;    filter: chroma(color=#000001);} /* Styling for updated markers on watchlist, history and recent/related changes.   Bullets are handled in skin-specific stylesheets. */.updatedmarker {    background-color: transparent;    color: #006400;} .mw-title, .mw-title, .mw-enhanced-rctime {    font-weight: normal;} /* Adjust font for inline HTML generated formulae */span.texhtml {    font-family: "Times New Roman", "Nimbus Roman No9 L", Times, serif;    font-size: 118%;    white-space: nowrap;}span.texhtml span.texhtml {    font-size: 100%;} /* Fix so <syntaxhighlight> tags and .css and .js pages get normal text size.   [[Bugzilla:26204]]. See also [[Wikipedia:Typography#The monospace 'bug']] */ div, div pre,,pre.source-css,pre.source-javascript,pre.source-lua {    font-family: monospace, Courier !important;} /* Fix styling of transcluded prefindex tables */table#mw-prefixindex-list-table,table#mw-prefixindex-nav-table {    width: 98%;} /* For portals, added 2011-12-07 -bv   On wide screens, show these as two columns   On narrow and mobile screens, let them collapse into a single column */.portal-column-left {    float: left;    width: 50%;}.portal-column-right {    float: right;    width: 49%;}.portal-column-left-wide {    float: left;    width: 60%;}.portal-column-right-narrow {    float: right;    width: 39%;}.portal-column-left-extra-wide {    float: left;    width: 70%;}.portal-column-right-extra-narrow {    float: right;    width: 29%;}@media only screen and (max-width: 800px) {    /* Decouple the columns on narrow screens */    .portal-column-left,    .portal-column-right,    .portal-column-left-wide,    .portal-column-right-narrow,    .portal-column-left-extra-wide,    .portal-column-right-extra-narrow {        float: inherit;        width: inherit;    }} /* For announcements */#bodyContent .letterhead {    background-image:url('//');    background-repeat:no-repeat;    padding: 2em;    background-color: #faf9f2;} /* Tree style lists */.treeview ul {    padding: 0;    margin: 0;}.treeview li {    padding: 0;    margin: 0;    list-style-type: none;    list-style-image: none;    zoom: 1; /* BE KIND TO IE6 */;}.treeview li li {    background: url("//") no-repeat 0 -2981px;    /* @noflip */    padding-left: 20px;    text-indent: 0.3em;}.treeview li li.lastline {    background-position: 0 -5971px}.treeview li.emptyline > ul {    /* @noflip */    margin-left: -1px;}.treeview li.emptyline > ul > li:first-child {    background-position: 0 9px} /* Make it possible to hide checkboxes in <inputbox> */.inputbox-hidecheckboxes form .inputbox-element {    display: none !important;} /* Hide charinsert base for those not using the gadget */#editpage-specialchars {    display: none;} /* work-around for [[bugzilla:23965]] (Kaltura advertisement) */.k-player .k-attribution {    visibility: hidden;}

/*** END FROM WP  ***/


/* This just formats the centralised wikia help box on help pages */

border:1px solid red;
font-family:verdana, sans-serif;

/* Hide title and tagline on Main Page */ h1.firstHeading, #siteSub { 

/* Recent changes byte indicators */
.mw-plusminus-pos { color: #006500; }
.mw-plusminus-neg { color: #8B0000; }

/* aligning to avoid content confusion */

.picture-attribution {display:none;}
#mw-missingsummary { background: orange; margin:10px; padding:3px 10px;}

.page-GTA_5_Wishlist .editsection-upper, .page-GTA_5_Wishlist #ca-edit {display:none}
/* This hides the two main edit links on the GTA 5 Wishlist page. */

#sidebar-donate {margin:0 auto; width:100px;}

pre,code,tt {white-space:pre-wrap; font-size:12px; font-family: monospace;}
code {background-color:#DDD; padding: 0 5px 0 5px;}

/* Hide links to add/remove friend/foe and giving gifts */
a[href*="Special:AddRelationship"], a[href*="Special:GiveGift"] {display:none;}
.profile-actions {color:#FFF;}

h4#mw-specialpagesgroup-staff  {background-color:#C33; color:#FFF;}

.mediawiki #mw-panel .portal .body {background:none;}

/* Hide interwiki language selector */
#p-lang {display:none;}

/* Edits to Special:RecentChanges to declutter the layout. Makes t|c|b and rollback|undo links grey and small, makes comments grey and slightly smaller */

.mw-usertoollinks { font-size:0.7em;  text-transform:lowercase;}
.mw-usertoollinks a { color:#888;}
.page-Special_RecentChanges .mw-rollback-link { font-size:0.7em; }
.page-Special_RecentChanges .mw-rollback-link a { color:#888;}
.comment { color:#555; font-size:12px; }
.comment a {color:#88C;}

/* Causes redirects to be light blue, italic, small font in Special:AllPages */
.allpagesredirect a { font-style:italic; color:#88C; font-size:11px;}

.ns-130 .mw-summary {display:none;} /* Hide section title box from Question: namespace */
.ns-130 #ca-edit {display:none;} /* Hide Edit button (use links in Template:Question instead) */

/* Fix gallery */ {
margin: 0 auto;
font-size: 95%;

/** GREY BOX **/
.greybox {
background:#EEE; border:1px solid #AAA; padding:5px;

/* Blockquote styling for Template:Quote */
blockquote {
font-family: Georgia;
background-color: #EEE;
border: 2px dashed #DDD;
margin: 5px;
border-style: dashed;
background-position: 5px 5px;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
width: 500px;
margin-left: 60px;
background-image: url(;
padding: 13px 10px 13px 60px;
min-height: 25px;

/* searchbar hide scrollbar */
#simpleSearch {

/** character maps styles for GXT article **/
table.charmap {
    text-align: center;
table.charmap td, table.charmap th {
    width: 2em;
    height: 2em;
table.charmap td {
    font-family: monospace;
    font-size: 150%;
    background-color: #f9f9f9;
    border: 1px solid #ddd;


/* Code for automatically highlighting URLs to staff user pages */

/* currently, ALL links are highlighted using: a[href|="/User:Gboyers"], 

To only highlight links in diff/history pages etc, use the following code:

table.diff a[href|="/User:Gboyers"], 
ul#pagehistory li a[href|="/User:Gboyers"], 
ul.special li a[href|="/User:Gboyers"] { color: #007700; font-weight:bold;}



#bodyContent a.extiw[href|=""],
{color: #005; font-weight:bold; background:url( center left no-repeat;padding-left:15px; text-transform:lowercase;}

#bodyContent a.extiw[href|=""],
{ color: #88A; font-weight:bold; text-transform:lowercase;}


{color: #005; font-weight:bold; background:url( center left no-repeat;padding-left:15px;}

 { color: #88A; font-weight:bold;}

/* ADMINS */

{ color: #005; font-weight:bold; background:url( center left no-repeat;padding-left:15px;}

{ color: #88A; font-weight:bold;}