Michael Graves

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Michael Graves
Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto IV]]
Full Name Michael Graves
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth [[Error: Invalid time.|1950 (Age 58)]]
Place of Birth Broker, Liberty City
Age Now
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Businesses Government

Michael Graves is a 58-year old candidate for governor of Liberty in Grand Theft Auto IV. His opponent is John Hunter. He has been charged with sexually harrassing employee's children and has also been alleged to have spent $400,000 of senatorial campaign funds on a vacation home in the Philippines. He has been arrested on two other occassions, once in 1999 for a criminal sexual act and again in 2003 for a campaign finance law violation. He is Conservative and likely a Republican.

LCPD Database information

Surname: Graves

First Name: Michael

Age: 58

Place of Birth: Broker, Liberty City

Affiliations: N/A

Criminal Record:

  • 1999 - Criminal Sexual Act: Minor
  • 2003 - Campaign Finance Law Violation


  • Running against John Hunter for governor.
  • Charged with sexually harassing employees' children.
  • Alleged to have spent $400,000 of senatorial campaign funds on a vacation home in the Philippines.


  • It is possible to spot a pedestrian roaming around Algonquin and sometimes other areas that has a striking resemblance to Michael Graves. This is likely because the models for minor background characters like Michael Graves are recycled from pedestrian ones.
  • There's a Michael Graves campaign billboard facing north in South Bohan along the East Borough Bridge.
  • He calls John Hunter a "fat bald prick."