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Missions are storyline objective tasks given to the protagonist in the Grand Theft Auto series by other characters in order to further advance the storyline. Missions act as a modern version of levels in video games, and the equivalent of quests in role-playing games.

Missions are usually given to the protagonist by contacts such as gang leaders, friends, or basically anyone in need of help in exchange for pay, either directly in person or through mediums such as phone calls, or e-mails. However some missions are taken on by the protagonist themselves in response to a changing situation or sudden event.

Missions make up the bulk of 100% completion of the game, not least because they introduce and encapsulate many aspects of the game, including controls, vehicles, locations, weapons, food, clothing etc. 100% completion of the game is entirely optional, and only used as a personal statistic. However, most people prefer to complete the story missions.

Story and Side Missions

Vehicle Missions

Vehicle Missions include Vigilante, Taxi Missions, Paramedic missions, and others.


The GTA III Era games require the player to collect various collectible items to obtain 100%. These include Hidden Packages, Photo Ops, Horseshoes etc. Rewards are obtained for collecting certain amounts of the collectibles.

Random Characters

In Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned, and GTA Chinatown Wars, side missions are triggered when the player gets close to a "random" character. These characters are out at certain times of day. Some have more then one side mission, that build up to create a mini story. Others branch off the main story to explain the results of certain events.