Money for Nothing

Money for Nothing is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, given by Bryan Forbes to protagonist Victor Vance from Bryan's apartment in Downtown, Vice City

Money for Nothing
Bryan Forbes talking to Victor Vance in his apartment in Downtown, Vice City
Bryan Forbes talking to Victor Vance in his apartment in Downtown, Vice City

Bryan Forbes talking to Victor Vance in his apartment in Downtown, Vice City
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Bryan Forbes
Location Downtown, Vice City
Reward $1,500
Unlocks Caught as an Act (after completing Robbing the Cradle and Havana Good Time)
Unlocked by The Audition


Vic drops by Bryan Forbes' apartment and sees him and Lance. The trio after an argument decide to go out and take a decoy van. After arriving at the warehouse, Forbes and Lance go to the actual van with the drugs while Vic drives the decoy van and lead the cops away from them. Upon reaching the destination, Vic loses the wanted levels and mission is completed.


(Lance, Forbes, Vic inside Forbes' apartment)

Bryan Forbes: 'Course, you can't kid a kidder. Hey, Vic!

Victor Vance: Hey.

Lance Vance: Yo, bro, wassup? [laughs]

Bryan Forbes: So, Vic, you wanna hear about a little plan that is going to make us three very rich?

Lance Vance: Very rich.

Victor Vance: So what's the risk?

Bryan Forbes: Well, let me put it like this: you will not be handling any drugs. All I need you to do is keep the cops busy while Lance and I steal some merch' off the scum who brought it into this country.

Lance Vance: The drugs are already here, so we ain't drug trafficking.

Bryan Forbes: Exactly! You're just the decoy. All you gotta do is make the police THINK you're carrying. They can't arrest you for that.

Victor Vance: No, but they can shoot me.

Bryan Forbes: Don't be ridiculous!

Lance Vance: Yeah. Come on, man! Come on.

Bryan Forbes: Vic, you'll be fine! Rich and fine.

Victor Vance: Alright, let's do it.

Lance Vance: Yeah! Let's pop!

(Victor, Forbes and Lance in a warehouse and radio)

Lance Vance: This is gonna be the decoy van. Come on, Vic, you drive.

Victor Vance: This van's the wrong color, Forbes.

Bryan Forbes: Relax. It's nothing a little paint can't fix.

Lance Vance: This van is good to Van Gogh!

Bryan Forbes: Yeah, funny... Vic, take the decoy and lead the cops away from here. We'll let you know when we're home free.

(While Vic is keeping the cops distracted)

Lance Vance: [on radio] Breaker - Breaker. What's your twenty?

Victor Vance: For Christ-sake's Lance, speak English.

Lance Vance: [on radio] Uh, yeah... We're on our way. Keep the cops busy.

(Victor keeps the police busy)

Lance Vance: [on radio] We're nearly there. Just a little longer.

(Victor keeps the police busy)

Lance: [on radio] We're there! Ten-Ten, let's do it again, big cowboy. Lose the smokey, Vic. You're all done.


The reward for this mission is $1,500. The mission Caught as an Act is unlocked, if the missions Robbing the Cradle and Havana Good Time have also been completed.


  • The name of the mission may refer to the song Money For Nothing, by Dire Straits.

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