Monkey Business

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Monkey Business
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
For Steve Haines
Dave Norton
Objective To infiltrate the Humane Labs and Research facility to steal a powerful neurotoxin.
Target Neurotoxin
Location Cape Catfish, Blaine County
Fail Steve Haines dies
Dave Norton dies
Michael runs out of fuel for the cutter before opening the grate
The Cargobob is destroyed
The neruotoxin container is excessively damaged
Patricia Madrazo dies
Reward Michael's Tailgater
Unlocks Hang Ten
Unlocked by Derailed
Time Limit 13:30 (for gold medal completion)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be a part of)

Monkey Business is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonists Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips by corrupt FIB agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton in Cape Catfish, Blaine County. Franklin, however, only appears in two cutscenes and does not take part in the missions events.


Michael De Santa arrives at Cape Catfish and is greeted by Franklin Clinton who asks if he has heard from his family. Michael initially lies but quickly tells Franklin he has heard nothing from them. Michael tells Franklin it does not matter as they are all likely to die within half an hour. Trevor then arrives with 'business' causing him to be late. Trevor begins to tell Franklin what he can expect to learn with Michael and himself with Michael interupting to tell him to plead insanity to avoid being executed. Trevor continues that if he wants something done he should always go to the 'busy man', referring to himself, calling Michael 'useless'. Franklin tells the two to stop before it turns into an argument at which point corrupt FIB agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton arrive asking where the other three people meant for the job are.

Haines expected six men to be waiting believing he had told them they needed six people and then stating that agent Norton would have told them. Norton, however, reminds Haines he had said he would tell them, which Haines calls a lie. Michael says the three will leave but Haines tells them three men can do the job. Michael tells Haines to do his own work, which Haines argues he does by keeping 'scum like you' from doing harm to the country. Franklin sarcastically applauds Haines before Trevor suggests that the two agents join them. Franklin, unaware of the reason behind their gathering, is told by agent Haines that his sources state that International Affairs (referring to the IAA) plan to develop a powerful nerve toxin that a terrorist could release in a metropolitan area to get increased funding from the Federal government.

Haines tells the group they will be infilitrating the Humane Labs and Research telling Franklin and Trevor they are to be involved in the getaway while Michael is join the two agents inside the facility. Franklin and Trevor leave while Michael and the two agents go to get change. The camera fades and, upon return, Michael and the two agents are walking along a small pier in diving suits as Haines insults Norton about being out of shape from not being in the field in a long time. Norton says that he will be fine as Michael drives the boat further down the coast to the facility. Michael tells Haines to avoid wise cracks and cliches as they are doing the job for the protection of the American people. Haines, however, states that Michael has no concept of social responsibility and has been outside the system for too long. Michael sarcastically responds that while attempting to redeem himself he should die, which prompts Norton to say that no one will die on his watch not even 'the burnt out bank robber with temper issues and nothing to live for'.

The three arrive at the bay and Haines states they can enter the facility through the discharge tunnel. They enter the water and begin swimming to the tunnel with Haines telling Michael he needs to use the cutter he has to get rid of the grate across the tunnel. Michael uses the oxy-hydro cutter, which burns at over three and a half thousand degrees, to cut a hole in the grate. Michael asks if he can keep the cutter for his next heist but is warned by Haines that he has a limited supply of fuel. Michael asks if Haines has any other bits of information for the manual and, after Haines suggests he thought Michael would want to know about the equipment, states he thought the money they stole would have gone on 'a wardrobe full of windbreakers... oh, and maybe some nipple clamps'.

After using the cutter on each of the pipes connecting the grate to the wall, Michael pushes the grate which falls away into the tunnel. Michael secures the cutter and the three begin swimming through the tunnel. Michael asks if Haines is sure of where the tunnel starts in the facility with Haines saying his intelligence is good. As they continue swimming, Michael states that he feels like he is giving the Statue of Happiness a colonoscopy and Haines responds that is better than being 'up Trevor Philips' ass all day'. They continue swimming and Norton states that the water is getting warmer with Haines stating that as a cooling tunnel it would be warmer the closer they got to the facility and that no one had urinated, which Michael says he knows is not true. Haines complains that the only criminals he gets to meet are those dumb enough to get caught but Michael reminds him that he turned himself in to Norton with Haines suggesting it makes Michael 'doubly dumb'.

The three arrive at an air pocket and swim to the surface using a ladder to exit the water. They place masks over their faces and Michael asks Norton what the plan is before Haines tells him the plan, which does not have a firm escape plan. As they begin making their way through the facility Haines tells Michael his job is keep it covert and non-lethal for as long as possible with Michael having to stun a scientist after walking through the first door. They continue through a hallway, stunning another man, before arriving at a lift. Michael asks exactly what the toxin will look like but is told to be quiet as he is on a need to know basis. Haines states that the lift is on its way down and someone is inside. When the door opens, Michael stuns the scientist and the three enter the lift. While inside, Michael asks Haines how he feels and states 'if only your camera crew were here'.

The three exit the lift as the doors open and move down a hallway, stunning two people in a laboratory before continuing through the hall. The three take cover as security make their rounds, going down the hallway the three had just been down, Haines tells Michael to either stun them or let them continue their rounds. The three then continue down the hallway and Michael swipes a keycard to give them access to another area. The three spot a lab technician inside a secure area and Haines aims his weapon at him telling the technician to give them access. A scientist begins walking toward the three and is stunned by Michael. Haines threatens to blow the door up and kill the techinician who obliges and opens the door. The technician is stunned by Michael who enters the secure area and takes the neurotoxin with Michael stating that taking control of the neurotoxin will 'make me... the most dangerous man in the country' and the 'most shit-scared'.

The three begin to make their escape but their presence has been detected with an announcement sounding throughout the facility that it has been breached. As they make their escape, the three continue to stun and/or kill those trying to stop them. They are confronted by security guards using live ammunition with Michael warning them that if they shoot him in the wrong spot they will release the toxin. The three continue to make their way through hallways stunning and/or killing the security guards and briefly pass a number of caged monkeys who are being used for testing, which Haines also comments on due to their anger and behaviour. Norton pushes through a door and the three start the 'last push' toward the exit. Norton warns them that a distress signal will have be sent out, which Michael realises means that the army will be present.

They make their way down a hallway and are confronted by the soldiers who are all killed in a loading bay area. Norton tells Michael to get the toxin into a refrigeration unit, which is in a nearby container. Michael places the toxin in the refrigeration unit just as 'I was getting used to having the apocalypse in my pocket'. Trevor arrives in a helicopter to pick up the container housing the toxin. The play switches to Trevor flying a Cargobob, which he describes as a 'flying big rig' and states he cannot believe they spent the money from the Blaine County Savings Bank robbery on the helicopter. Trevor flies to the parking bay and collects the container at which point Haines tells them they have missed their window of escape as the IAA have sent into their own team through the facility. Michael argues that Haines should come with a solution. Haines agrees to stay behind to provide cover for Michael, Trevor and Norton to escape with the toxin.

Norton asks about how he explain the dead bodies, which Haines responds to by saying he is lucky not to be one of them. Michael and Norton grab hold of the container and tell Trevor to go. The camera switches back to Haines who shoots himself in the leg and falls over. Two IAA agents and their superior officer show up. Haines informs them he is an FIB special agent and has the situation covered but is told he will be detained to which Haines angrily reminds them he had just taken a bullet for his country. The play switches back to Trevor flying away from the facility to his airfield in Sandy Shores and asking about what happened to Haines. Michael informs Trevor that Haines shot himself in an attempt to pass himself off as a double agent. Trevor then ponders the possibility of Haines being debriefed with a 'twelve inch aluminum flashlight'. Norton responds that Haines took the easy way out as they will need to outrun the IAA's response team. Trevor, however, states that Franklin is the one taking the easy way out as he is waiting for them in the aircraft hangar.

Norton states that he will take control of the toxin after landing and that he trusts Trevor will get rid of the helicopter. Trevor responds that he has more important and 'real' things to worry about rather than 'made up wars with made up enemies'. Trevor detaches the container housing the toxin on to the back of a truck trailer before landing the helicopter close by. After landing, Franklin runs up to the helicopter and meets Michael and Norton. Trevor takes off as Franklin begins to ask about the toxin. Michael tells Franklin that next time he will be involved but reminds Norton that there will be no next time as there never is. Norton promises to do his best to keep them out of danger and Haines plans. Michael states his hopes that Haines is being tortured but Norton responds that they are likely decorating him. Michael shouts to Norton that the IAA are on to both him and Haines with Norton responding that they should keep their heads down.

Michael and Franklin walk in to the hangar and Michael receives a text message from Lester Crest who had managed to smooth things over with Madrazo Cartel leader Martin Madrazo, whose wife Patricia had been kidnapped by Trevor, after being given a fertility icon stolen from a Merryweather protected train. Michael, however, remembers that the deal will involve Trevor having to return Patricia. Franklin asks about Trevor but Michael is unconcerned saying he 'likes the desert'. Michael reminds Franklin that if they perform 'the big one' they would have to go their separate ways and begins thinking of returning to the Richards Majestic film studio to help Solomon Richards. The two begin to leave and Michael states his disliking of the desert. He describes his life as being a world of pain but that upon returning to Los Santos it will be 'cool, comfortable, air-conditioned pain'.

Franklin leaves and the play switches to Trevor who is driving his Bodhi along Calafia Rd with Patricia Madrazo. She tells Trevor that she had a wonderful time with him but that she must return to her husband. A crying Trevor responds that he knows with Patricia describing him as a beautiful man with a great pain inside him. Trevor tells her that he has never been 'so happy and so sad' in his life as everyone he loves in life abandons him, a reference to his deceased brother, imprisoned mother and the father who left him. Patricia, however, states that she is going home and not abandoning him. Trevor begins to warn her about what he would do if he mistreats her and Patricia simply responds 'I know. I know'.

The two arrive at La Fuente Blanca where a visibly shaken and injured Martin is waiting outside. Trevor goes to leave his vehicle but is told to stay inside by Patricia. She gets out and begins walking to her husband. Trevor tells Martin that he had ought to treat her right, which Martin agrees to, with Trevor threatening to cut his other ear. Martin tells Trevor that he views both Trevor and Michael as his friends. He attempts to hand a rose to Patricia who ignores him and continues walking toward the house. Martin continues talking to Trevor saying they are such great friends they will make every effort to avoid each other before asking him to thank Michael for the idol. Trevor agrees and leaves the area.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Stunner Stun 8 enemies with a Stun Gun.
Headshots Kill 15 enemies with a headshot.
Accuracy Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%
Time Complete the mission in 13:30.


  • Even if the player is flying the Cargobob at night time upon landing the helicopter the sun will appear setting in the background until gaining control of Trevor driving Patricia back home when it will return to night time. The same occurs when arriving at La Fuente Blanca except it will be the middle of the day before returning to the night time after the cutscene.
  • The song playing while driving Patricia back to her husband is If You Leave Me Now by Chicago, which can be heard on Los Santos Rock Radio.
  • When Patricia states she is going the home the subtitles are incorrect. Instead of showing "I am going home" the subtitles read "I'm going home".
  • Weazel News later reports the the ‘neurotoxin’ stolen was actually a cheap perfume, which is likely a cover story put out by the IAA.
  • The mission and its name are a reference to the 1952 screwball comedy film Monkey Business starring Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers and Marilyn Monroe. The film involves a raid on a chemical plant and the discovery of monkeys used in experiments.

Video walkthrough

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