Mrs. Bernstein

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Mrs. Bernstein
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Mrs. Bernstein


Gender Gender::Female
Nationality American
Home Rockford Hills, Los Santos, San Andreas
Family Josh Bernstein (husband)
Unnamed daughter
Main Affiliations Trevor Philips (2013)
Businesses Prostitution

Mrs. Bernstein is a character in the HD Universe who is present but not seen in Grand Theft Auto V during Josh Bernstein's Strangers and Freaks missions. She is the second wife of real estate agent Josh Bernstein.

Character history

Mrs. Bernstein lived with her husband Josh Bernstein in Rockford Hills, Los Santos until their house was about to be foreclosed after Josh's license to sell houses was revoked, thanks to his former partner turned rival Lenny Avery.

Josh Bernstein decides to prostitute his wife to Trevor Philips when he meets him outside of his house. Trevor is offered a night with Mrs. Bernstein on three occasions, the first he is tasked with knocking down fifteen of Lenny Avery's signs, the second time he is tasked with threatening Lenny himself, and the third he is tasked with burning down Mr and Mrs. Bernstein's recently foreclosed house.

Mission appearances



  • Mrs. Bernstein is never seen, however Trevor states that she is very skinny, almost too skinny for his liking. This, plus the fact that she is prostituting herself, implies she may be addicted to drugs.