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There are a variety of myths revolving around Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Most are misconceptions, made up, or simply glitches or bugs. These stories revolve around actual locations and events in the game. Due to the popularity of these myths, people have spent countless time searching for or wanting to know about something that does not exist.


Bigfoot is one of the most popular myths associated with the game. Although many people claim that they have seen Bigfoot, there is no proof that he exists, and many videos captured of Bigfoot are either glitches, mods, or made-up. Moreover, Rockstar confirmed in an interview that Bigfoot doesn't exist in the game. Refer to the main article for more information on Bigfoot.

Loch Ness Monster

The legend of the Loch Ness monster was one of the first myths to emerge. It was believed that it appears in the Fisher's Lagoon, one of the few lakes accessible by the player at the very beginning of the game. Like many other myths, this had a strong support back in 2005, but lacks any evidence or in-game references, which would seem to classify this myth as fake. It was later confirmed by a Rockstar spokesman that the 'Nessie' myth is fake.

Fisher's Lagoon (where the Nessie myth was created)


UFOs are another popular myth of GTA San Andreas. As of this time, a Rockstar spokesman was interviewed and when they asked him about UFOs he changed the subject. Later in another interview, a Rockstar spokesman said: "We did not initially put UFOs in-game. However, there may be some data still in the game we thought to have deleted." This has aroused suspicion among certain areas of the fanbase.

Sometimes on the streets, you can hear a pedestrian discuss about a UFO attack on their car.


People have claimed to see sharks in the waters of San Andreas. They are said to be just mods, but others claim they're just rare. It is unknown if these sharks actually exist in the game, otherwise. Some have stated that sharks actually attack Carl Johnson and kill him, others say they just swim away frightened. People have actually mistaken Dolphins for Sharks because they look similar in game. Like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the sharks in GTA San Andreas are invincible and will not die from gunfire. People have said that sharks are only found underneath the Gant Bridge. The IMG tool for gta3.img on San Andreas actually proves that sharks are in San Andreas because it states the shark.dff file is in the game. As seen in numerous videos, the shark doesn't even attack Carl Johnson and highly resembles a White Tip Shark.

Rusty Wheelchair

File:Sa wheelchair3.jpg
The infamous wheelchair.

There's an abandoned wheelchair at the end of the wharf in Fisher's Lagoon. It uses the same texture as a waste skip in Bayside Marina. The wheelchair was believed by many to be a reference to the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as one of the youths in this movie is in a wheelchair, but is in fact more likely a reference to the Rockstar game Manhunt, where it can be seen at the beginning. The following pedestrian dialog can be heard in Palomino Creek:

- Have you seen this disabled person chair moving?

- No, have you?

- Neither have I, bye-bye!

- Bye-Bye!

Some people see timings on the front wheels of the chair and assume that something will happen at those times. The "mystery of the chair" was never solved in the standard GTA game, and it is believed the chair doesn't carry any hidden meaning. Although, when two members of GTAForums launched their own competition called GTA Treasurehunt, in which the last mission involved solving the wheelchair mystery. After the lake was filled up with rocks and stones a dead body was found floating in the middle. This is, however, strictly non-canon.

Although many people try to connect the skip with the wheelchair, It is obvious that Rockstar Games did not bother to create a new texture dedicated to this simple useless model, the skip texture appeared rusty, so that used that instead of creating a new one.

Ghost Cars

The Ghost Cars myth is essentially based upon the misinterpretation of a minor glitch. The myth centered on the abandoned cars, which spawn in the rural areas of San Andreas. If they spawn on a slope, they roll down it as if they're being driven. Some curious players investigated the cars and found that there was nobody in it, thus leading them to believe that the car was driving itself. However, there is nothing particularly strange about the vehicles themselves, as they were simply put there in case the player got stranded in the countryside without a vehicle. There is a mod involving the Glendales in the Back o Beyond. Once activated, players that go near a parked Glendale, the car's lights will turn on, and start attacking players (this mod also applies to the beat-up Sadler near the ghost car area).

A Ghost car in Back O Beyond.
"Ghost Vortex" sliding down the hill with the "ghostly mist" visible.

Some people have also claimed to have seen a ghostly Vortex shrouded by a "ghostly mist" in the San Fierro bay area. The reason that it moves is because, like the Glendale, it spawns on a slope, and the "mist" is the result of the sand being kicked up as it slides down the beach.

There is also a random car parked in a driveway in Playa del Seville‎ that sometimes rolls down into the road (this depends on the car).

Also, from time to time, a certain glitch may occur. If the driver shoots and kills the driver of a car, sometimes, the person's body may not fall out. When this happens, the car still drives itself as if the driver was never killed. The only way to stop the car is to carjack the owner and take the car as shooting the already dead body will not work.

Girl from the TV/Samara

One frame from so-called Girl from TV video showing CJ and the dark figure

This myth is also the one that did not get much support - in fact, it all has started with a video uploaded onto YouTube in 2006, featuring CJ in his living room looking around when the black girl appears from the television in the corner and disappears a second later. There is no other proof of this girl. It is believed that it is either a glitch which caused a pedestrian to spawn in the house by mistake and was removed by the game immediately, or it was a mod for the PC version of GTA San Andreas. The dark figure looks very similar to a homeless pedestrian from San Fierro which has a sign that reads "God is playing with us!" on his chest - there was even a video on YouTube comparing both the TV girl and the tramp pictures.

Horses in Las Barrancas

Screenshot showing the legend of Las Barrancas, from the San Andreas website

The reference to horses can be found on the Rockstar website, on the Tierra Robada section of the map. When the cursor is positioned over the Las Barrancas icon, the following text can be seen at the bottom of the map:

A quaint desert town steeped in local history, home to preserved Hopi ruins and the terrible setting of the Barrancas Mass Grave. In 1842, the 66th Cavalry, under the command of Colonel Henry Bolt, was stationed in nearby Fort Carson when they answered a call for help from homesteaders under attack from bandits. Riding to the rescue, the whole force fell down a hole. It is said that the sound of a hundred horses can be heard riding through the town at midnight...

Though there is little support/speculation, some people spent some time trying to hear the sound of horses at midnight, but failed to do so. It is unclear which hole was mentioned in the legend and whether it still exists. So far no evidence has been found about the presence of any type of anomaly in Las Barrancas.

Many people have taken the "hole" referenced here to be the mass grave near Las Brujas. This would seem incongruous however, as they are on opposite sides of the river, and the hole in question is both up against a wall and too small for an entire cavalry division to fall into.

Panopticon Killer/Leatherface/Chainsaw Killer/Piggsy

Piggsy's cameo as an action figure in San Andreas
File:Leatherface fakes.jpg
Fake Leatherface pictures. From left to right: Mod, CJ and a Hot Dog man.

Another strong myth of GTA San Andreas is a Chainsaw killer. He has many names such as Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Piggsy from another Rockstar game, Manhunt, and even Hitler, but to avoid confusion this article will refer to him as The Killer. The whole idea of The Killer started when somebody said that they heard a chainsaw in The Panopticon area. Many have assumed this to be true due to the nature of the area - it looks scary when it is foggy, is full of small sheds and cut down trees and contains a chainsaw pickup. The strange sound can be heard during rainy weather on the first version of the game as a glitch. Over time, the myth has evolved, people started to find out more clues and weird objects. It is said that The Killer lives in the countryside, near the Shady Cabin in the Panopticon, he uses a chainsaw or a firearm to kill his victims, and he appears from behind the player (usually from the house) and kills him almost instantly. Although many people have claimed they have seen the killer, there is still no strong evidence to his existence. There are also many descriptions of the killer, they all differ which makes it difficult to believe that killer's existence is plausible. His existence has also been reported at Mount Chiliad, Fisher's Lagoon, Shady Cabin, and other farms. But there was a video on YouTube posted on August 06, 2008 by the user Cfox306 which some players who have watched it think it’s true. After a little searching Piggsy appears with a chainsaw and kills CJ. There have been sightings of Leatherface in Fisher's Lagoon near the wheelchair or the little house on the shore. 2 dead bodies (a man and a woman) can be found on the road going up Mount Chiliad, implying that the killer killed them during sex.

Recently it has been proved that a Pedestrian spawns with a chainsaw in the Mission "The Meat Business" and it is believed to have been used by Rockstar Games outside of that mission.

Serial Killer

Serial killer near his suggested house

This myth is very similar to the Panopticon Killer. The only difference is that this man lives in the desert and uses a rifle to kill his victims. The majority of people tend to think that he lives in a small house in Tierra Robada, not far from a Cluckin' Bell. Some people have posted videos of him in Fort Carson with a combat shotgun or unarmed. He is believed to be the same man as "Mr. Trenchcoat" (see the UFOs article for more information). He can often be seen on the small dirt road next to the river, just meters away from his house, and in the Lil' Probe Inn. People have claimed that this person starts randomly shooting and kills other pedestrians - at this moment, no evidence has been found. It is believed that this myth started when someone had a riot cheat enabled without realizing it. The Myth of the serial killer is sometimes linked with the myth of the Las Venturas desert Mass Grave.

Screaming Voices

This, just like Bigfoot and Leatherface, is another myth that some people have claimed to have encountered while playing the game. The most common hearing of these horror voices is on Mount Chiliad, in a shack halfway up the mountain, used in a mission in the game. It was midnight and stormy when these hearings happened. Some believe that it is just a mod or a hoax. Other people claimed to hear the screaming voices in Panopticon area and in Back o' Beyond. However, it was later discovered that in one case the "screaming voice" was the sound of an abandoned Quadbike's tires screeching against the rock, as it was stuck in the ground. It's also possible to hear a loud groan near Gant Bridge, mostly at nights. This has been attributed to Bigfoot, but has been identified as the fog horn of one of the ships around the bay.

Epsilon Cult

Map references

Blue windows of The Cult Farm

One place, "The Farm. Cult location", is shown on the map provided with GTA San Andreas. The farmhouse windows are glowing blue at night, unlike any other window in the game which glow yellow.

Another place associated with cult is located near The Big Ear. When looked at closely, the pattern of light and dark areas of sand form an image very similar to the one featured on the web-site, and indeed looks like a face of Krant's descendant. There are ghost town and abandoned vehicles nearby, which made the theory that Epsilon is somehow connected to this place even stronger.

There is a house in the desert, which was connected with Epsilon by various people. It is so-called "bunker", which is located west of the abandoned airstrip. The house is interesting, because there are no people or cars nearby - the force of Epsilon is believed to keep them away and only cult members can go closer. The house was featured in famous 4 AM series.

Many people have claimed seeing a yellow entrance triangle in the sky over the Cluckin' Bell take-away in the desert, which is believed to be the entrance to the Puerta Amarilla Valley, which means Yellow Door Valley in Spanish. However, as can be seen from this video all triangles lead to abandoned houses, which supposedly were made to be used in burglary missions, but later were taken out. (Note: There are two markers visible high above the sky in the desert. These are difficult to see during gameplay as they are above the ceiling limit for aircrafts. These markers lead to nowhere and are thought to be test markers as the names of the markers are S1TEST and OFTEST).


The Epsilon website gives players the opportunity to "become one of the children of Kraff" by visiting a particular location:

Join us in something special and become one of the children of Kraff.

Travel through the dawn to the pass pictured in our brochures. Look for a red truck with a dent on the right fender. Raise your left hand and recite the words: "Take me to to my father-father, brother-uncle. Kifflom." We'll do the rest. Because we all know, there is Kifflom and there is Krant, and both be praised.

Blindfold required.

Travel through the dawn to the pass pictured in our brochures.

Dawn means that it has to be morning or an evening. As there are no brochures available, many refer to Rockstar's book for San Andreas. The only picture taken at dawn there is the picture of Sherman dam. Apparently, it fits the idea ideally, as it is a "pass" at the same time - it links two islands. Another proof of possible connection to Epsilon is the official GTA: SA trailer. First few seconds feature red truck (Walton, not Sadler) travelling across the dam. This is seen by some as a possible hint to the solution to Epsilon secret. "Pass" could also mean a valley between hills or mountains.

Look for a red truck with a dent on the right fender.

There are a number of Sadler trucks, found around San Andreas which have been smashed. One of them can be found next to the fisherman's hut north from the abandoned airstrip, another in the forests of Back o' Beyond, there are few more in other places. Picking the one near the airstrip makes more sense, as it is located most closely to the dam. Please note, that Sadlers always spawn in different colours, so you may want to come back again to make sure you have got a red one.

Raise your left hand and recite the words: "Take me to to my father-father, brother-uncle. Kifflom."

CJ can raise his hand, if he is aiming his gun and then looks back. In that case the gun will be pointed upwards and so will be his arm. CJ cannot be made to talk, and so no players have managed to make anything happen, nor gain access to the Puerta Amarilla Valley. Also, when using hand-to-hand combat CJ puts his left arm up when he blocks.


There are a number of rumors, most of which are believed don't have any backup. Some popular myths have originated from jblend's blog where he stated a number of things, the most popular being:

If you see the number one, then you're on your way. Only true believers of Kifflom (praise!!!) can enter the portals. So Keep listening to the trees and I am sure that you'll find your path. If you learn the true meaning of Kifflom (praise him!!!) then you can enter the golden portals of Puertas Amarillas Valley.

Although it is not very plausible, the author claimed to be working for Rockstar, thus making many players looking for number 1 in game or looking for the trees with weird shapes in the woods. It was believed that under certain circumstances you will be able to hear the tree talking; or, once you saw the tree ("number one" in the sequence) everything else will be revealed by the game itself without the need for player's interaction. This is often linked with floating tree, walk-through tree and LOD trees which do not have anything to do with Epsilon.

A noticable fact is that jblend's statement appeared a few weeks prior to official release of San Andreas on PS2.

Another famous rumor describes what you have to wear (or to do) in order to trigger the mission start.

  1. Desert Eagle
  2. Camera
  3. Cane
  4. Blue clothes and hat from Didier Sachs
  5. Blue sneakers from Prolaps
  6. Night Vision Goggles
  7. Joke Mask from Binco
  8. Red Truck (Sadshit)
  9. Red Haircut
  10. Cross chain from Didier Sachs
  11. Cross, R.I.P, and Grave Tattoos (there is only one combined R.I.P. and Grave tatoo in the game though)
  12. Spend $10,000 at a casino
  13. Go with 9 prostitutes in a week

File:Red walton on dam.JPG
Trailer screenshot

The "9 prostitutes" are related to one of the tenets of Epsilon: "Lie with 9 partners a week". In Lazlow's talk show Cris Formage also says: "Lie with 9 partners a week, it explains everything."

Having a cane in weapons slot seems to be based on another Cris's quote: "Touch my cane" which he orders Lazlow to do.

In the teaser video, which can be found on The official GTA SA web-site under Media>Video>First trailer a red Walton can be seen driving across the Sherman Dam. This enforces the speculated theory that the Dam is the pass mentioned on Epsilon web-site and that this is somehow related.

Another Rumor is that of Blueberry, Redcounty Where it also is beleved that Epsilon takes place because of

the many blue lights that can been seen at night e.g inside the barns at EasterBoard Farm, at the side of hill on the west side of Blueberry Acres, under the bridge at the south end of Blueberry and the truck terminal also in the south end of Blueberry. The suprising thing about the Red County Truck Terminal is that it is the only place in the whole of San Andreas that has the words red and trunk, this could be another reference to the red truck that is mentioned on the Epsilon website .

Door in the Sky

The Yellow door secret is explained in the Epsilon Program article.

The doors in the sky are actually yellow markers that allow you to walk through and end up inside of a building.

The only two yellow markers that are found in the sky are above Cluckin' Bell in the desert. They are far up in the sky and only reachable with cheats or hacks.

Reports say the two doors are only houses that were meant for Robbery Missions. Rockstar hides these interiors for a reason for nobody to find or reach. In San Andreas, Rockstar hides these marks above San Andreas.


Beverly Johnson's ghost
Ghost Graffiti (from left to right) it appears at evening (20:00) and disappear at morning (06:00)

This myth may have started when a "ghost graffiti" texture glitch was discovered at Los Santos cemetery. Many people claim that Beverly Johnson's ghost appears in the kitchen/living room of CJ's house in Ganton.

Phonebooth and an unknown caller in the desert

A popular story about a mystery phone booth in the desert are circulating around the Internet. It is claimed that the phonebooth rings and that if the player approaches it, no one responds to the call. This myth may have its root in a real life phone booth that was located on an isolated road in the Mojave Desert between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. There is, however a Phone booth mod available which places phone boxes in random places around the desert.

"Ghost person"

People have posted videos on YouTube claiming that they've seen a ghostly person in an abandoned town's cemetery. Lack of evidence support this claim. The videos were showing heavily modded games on the PC and the "ghost person" is usually a black-textured pedestrian.


  • Fan-site, covering Epsilon, Leatherface and some other myths [1]
  • Official Epsilon site [2]
  • Czech web-site with many screenshots of UFOs [3]