No. 1

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No. 1
Brucie Kibbutz telling Niko Bellic about a planned illegal street race.

Brucie Kibbutz telling Niko Bellic about a planned illegal street race.
For Brucie Kibbutz
Location East Hook, Broker
Reward $6750
A Comet
Unlocked by Out of the Closet

No. 1 is a mission for Brucie in Grand Theft Auto IV. This mission is where Niko learns about illegal street races, which he can compete in for the rest of the game.


Niko walks into Brucie's garage. Brucie and his assistant Lenny working on a yellow and black Banshee he colloquially calls "The Bitch" and his "Favorite Ride". Brucie incorrectly tunes the car, however, and it does not start, so he decides to borrow a yellow Comet from his friend and colleague, only known as Stevie.

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Upon completing this mission, you receive $6750 and Brucie allows you to keep Stevie's Comet, which has a unique gold colour, which is a little darker than the regular Comet's yellow colour. (You will very likely need to visit a Pay 'n' Spray to repair damage incurred during the race, so odds are the colouring will change.)

Completing this mission also completes Brucie's mission strand, and unlocks him as a friend.


  • Keeping the Comet is a good idea, not only for races, but it makes it easier to date Alex Chilton as it's one of the high-end vehicles she prefers.