Non Stop Pop FM

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Radio Station
Non Stop Pop FM
Genre: Dance-pop, synthpop, contemporary R&B, house
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
DJ(s): Cara Delevingne

Non-Stop-Pop FM is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto V hosted by Cara Delevingne, featuring pop, dance and house music, dating from the eighties to today.

DJ: Cara Delevingne

Genres: dance-pop, synthpop, contemporary R&B, house

Pop hits from the 80s, 90s, Naughties and today.

Rockstar, official Grand Theft Auto V website.[1]

The station's frequency is 100.7 FM, which may be a reference to the British nationwide Heart radio network, which plays pop music of a similar vein and started of in 1994 as 100.7 Heart FM.


Unused songs

Upon inspection of GTA V's "american.gxt", many additional songs that were candidates for this station can be found.


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