North Point

North Point is the northern most point of mainland southern San Andreas, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The area is located to the north of Paleto Bay, to the west of Procopio Beach and to the south of the Pacific Ocean.

The North Point Trim Track, a fitness obstacle course, is located in North Point, which features nine obstacles. Pedestrians can be seen running the course during the day but will make no attempt to use the obstacles. The course is maintained by the Paleto Bay Department of Health and is sponsored by Crevis, EgoChaser energy bars, Flow Water, Junk Energy and Muscle Gymnasium. A changing area and access to first aid are located near the end of the course. The area is used by the US military with soldiers from Fort Zancudo.

Events of HD Universe

The protagonist of GTA Online, on orders from Lester Crest, steals an Annihilator from a group of soldiers training at North Point. They also steal a Tropic from North Point while working for Ron Jakowski. Later in the year, Franklin Clinton competes in a triathlon against MaryAnn Quinn, which sees them go through North Point, Paleto Bay and Procopio Beach. The player will also trigger the Burial random event by driving in the area, where two people are attempting to bury Antonia Bottino who the player must rescue.


  • A first aid kid can be found under the monkey bars on the Trim Tracks course.