Opening Mission 1


This mission starts as soon as you begin Liberty City part 2 in North Tellberg. You get a call saying that Sasha has been kidnapped and that you need to go rescue her. The kidnappers are calling the phone in northwest Ardler so you must make it there before the time runs out. Once you get there, the kidnappers tell you to answer the phone in central Estoria. Once you do that, you must go to the Law Island Bridge and throw a briefcase of money to a boat traveling south below. After the payment has been made, the kidnappers tell you that Sasha is in a trunk in east Eaglewood. After rescuing her, you must take her to the Splendido hotel in North Island City and drop her off in the garage to finish the mission.

Text Strategy


Run E to road.

Just N for White car.

Follow, Big road N, follow E, Big N, alley at corner.


E big, N big, 2nd small E.


180, big N, big W.

Foot case, back in car.

Big W, big N, follow, big N, big W bridge, big N, big E, small E follow.

Itali car.

180, big S, follow, big S, big W, big S, ramp bridge, bridge, small W, follow.

E to garage. END!

Video Strategy