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Hey guys I love GTA and that is why I'm here! I started out with playing GTA 2 for the playstation 1, and of course right after that I was in love with the series. Beyond the usual GTA games, I love racing games, one of my favorite series is Need for Speed, but in case you didn't notice the series started to downhill. After that racing series my next favorite series is the Gran Turismo, which as you can imagine can get confusing being a fan of both GT and GTA, which is have no trouble mixing up all the time. Have finished my Doctrine in Harvard, I have some debt to pay off, but with my great job and the scholarship for %25 of my education I still have some cash for gaming. Although I still have lots of time for myself I still don't get to play GTA as often as I want to. I play all of my GTA games on the computer, and on the PS2 and PS3. Which is great cause I got this huge widescreen TV, although my friends don't think it is that big I still find it to be the biggest TV I have ever owned.