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The Pan European Game Information or PEGI is a ratings system used in continental Europe, and was created in April 2003. It took over from ELSPA in the UK, and a number of other rating systems in other European countries, in total, 29 European countries now use it, although it has no legal effect (except in Finland). Ratings are sorted by age categories, with the mildest being 3+ (for ages 3 and up), and the strongest being 18+ (for ages 18 and up). The general ratings scheme is much closer to the BBFC than the ESRB.

Grand Theft Auto game ratings

The following ratings have been given by PEGI to games in the Grand Theft Auto series. Note that PEGI did not exist until April 2003, so only GTA games released after then have a PEGI rating (although some of the games have retroactively adopted ratings of 18+).

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